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What's the meanest thing you've ever said to someone?

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  • I think I'll take back what I said last time and answer this again.
    I called this little boy a couch potato, said he was a female, and we (two other boys and I) kept splashing him.
    Because of that, we had to leave the pool. :( I wish we could have stayed.
  • To their face... Hmmm I dunno. Probably something to some drunk guy trying to hit on me. I've said lots of mean things to those guys. I try to keep all my bitchyness to behind people's backs, its a mixed blessing. But yeah, I've told guys lots of insulting things to their face while drunk. Maybe worst would be "I don't find you physically attractive" to a guy who knew I had a crush on him. Or "HA!" I've done that to drunk guys a few times. It must really hurt to have me laugh in thier faces.
  • i told my own sister that i hated her and that she brought hell into our household and pretty much that i wished she would move out
  •  i fucking hate you stupid bitch your adopted
  • The meanest thing? Hmm....? I think it was when I uhh told this boy i know people like him were the reason women asked for abortions. That was pretty mean. It was...
  • We have all been mean in our life.
    Some people just piss you off and deserve it.
    In 7th grade one of my close friends now came to me and asked me to do his friends hair.
    I used to be extremly popular back then and had TOO many friends.
    So i go up to the poor girl and i fix her hair.(her name is karla)
    and I dont know if it was cuz i was mad or anything or cuz i was trying to be nice and
    give her advice but i just said to her..
    "If you did your hair everyday and did your make-up...You would PROBABLY be able to get a boyfriend."
    It didnt turn into a fight or anything.
    But it was really mean.
    I have changed since 7th grade..and matured alot.
  • I say lots of mean things. I'm guilty of having a sharp tongue and a quick wit. I say mean things all the time and sometimes they just cut. Othertimes, after they cut, they poison and fester and get worse. Its not always intentional. Its just part of who I am. I can be mean and nasty and I am almost always insensitive. I just tell the truth, even if its only my opinion. and in other news... I finished Supernatural S1 and S2 except for All Hell Breaks Loose 1 and 2. I know what happens because I went searching and spoiled myself. But I just can't bring myself to watch it yet. Not until I have S3 on disc or they start showing reruns or something of S3. Besides What Is and What Should Never Be made me all sad for them.
  • hmmm...well recently I told my supposed best friend I thought her new car was the ugliest thing on the planet because of what she had to give up to get it which would be my birthday party...I also told my mom when I was younger and she had just got laid off that I was glad because then she'd spend more time with me...I believe she came after me and tried to slap me but I was too quick for her.  I regretted that one...I don't regret the one about my friends car.  I hate that thing.  
  • I hope the next guy who douses you in gasoline finds a match before you get away. long story but i meant it at the time.
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