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Fantastic plastic

Would you consider having plastic surgery?

Answers (362)

  • Yeah, eyelid surgery
  • not a fucking chance.
  • never. (say never.) unless it was life saving or something of the sort.
  • No.
  • Only if it was necessary in order for me to survive. For example, if I was involved in a terrible accident and my nose was badly damaged to the point where I wouldn't be able to breath through it unless I had plastic surgery. 
  • Oh, never. I consider blemishes beautiful. I believe humans and animals are meant to be imperfect, it is the force behind ambition to get better. 
  • I'll never get plastic surgery. I don't trust plastic surgeons. It won't matter if I'm disfigured by a landmine. It won't matter if I drove off a cliff in an expensive sportscar while on my way to an important recording session negotiations (?!?!?!?). I never thought that plastic surgery is a good idea. Besides, I doubt I'll ever have to worry about getting struck with a horrible disfiguring accident. Maybe I'll use hair die to keep my brown hair brown, but that's about it. There is nothing natural about any of the techniques used in plastic surgery. And with all that weird plastic surgery that Michael Jackson did to himself didn't bring the peace of mind that he was looking for. And in the end of all that plastic surgery, you look less like a natural human being and more of a weird looking statue pretending to be human. If getting wrinkles and blotches is the consequences for refusing to get plastic surgery, then bring it on.
  • As a non-essential surgery? Not a hope in hell.
  • No. One I don't want to look like one of those people who have had too much plastic surgery, two even if I had the money for it it would only be if I had an accident and probably for health reasons. Two surgery can be botched and even if the surgery is routine things could happen and you could die on the operating table. Only if I need it will I really consider it.
  • I wouldn't call it considering, I'd say it's definitely happening.
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