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Writer's Block

Let Down

Describe a moment when you were let down.

Answers (221)

  • A lot of times. Once was on a potential meeting, where I was supposed to meet someone, and they gave me the wrong address. Second was when I met a person, and I found out they lied to me about who they were.
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  • The day I went to work only to find out my boss had skipped town and the whole place went under. I loved that job.
  • I thought my first love would be something that would last. When it began, he was perfect. A gentleman, he called me his Goddess, sang my praises, held me and made me feel loved. He held me so close we'd forget to breathe. Our kisses were sweet, our laughter mingling. Then, he started fading away. I tried with everything I had to bring him back. I played hard to get, I wrote him poems, I drew him things, I left him alone, I let him know he could talk to me, and shut up when he didn't.

    So much for love.

    At least now, I have something worth fighting for.
  • Well, Ive been let down more than a couple of times but the moment that was worst for me was when My "best friend" left me hanging at the last hour before getting on a plane to Move and life elsewhere.
    When i was on vacations In Colombia, she made a "new best friend" and melissa(the new bestie) was gunna have a birthday party the same night of MY last night in USA. I called her up 5 hours before leaving so we could have a remembered moment but nooooooooooo she decided to go to her friends party and she told me she wouldmake it to the airport at least for an hour. next thing i know, Im done getting through security and she yells my name. They didnt let me go back and i didnt want to.
    Well, we fixed it through the phone but up to this day, that still hurts deep down.
    Ive learned to trust no one except the people who you KNOW will always be there for you like my REAL best friend Isabela Matiz. Known her 9 fother mucking years and I wouldnt change her for nothing.
    My boyfriend and I spent an hour and a half rummaging for change in his room and collecting all the cans and bottles from his house to return. He was flat broke. We then took all of this to a CoinStar machine at the grocery store. While he unloaded bottles and cans I put all the loose change into the machine. When I was done I looked up and saw $16.38. He thought there was at least $20.00 in there so without him knowing I dumped ALL of my change into the machine. I emptied my entire purse and when that was done, the machine read $22.90. With all the cans and bottles his grand total was about $25.00 which made him very happy. I told him I found a few dimes and such in my purse that I contributed and he thanked me for the donation. He was so grateful that I thought maybe he'd do something nice for me, like buy me flowers or something, but I didn't really expect it. Later that same night, we went to a friends house. My boyfriend and another guy said they had to run to the store really quick. He came back with $20.00 worth of pot and $5.00 left in his wallet. He thought I'd be mad at him, and honestly, I wasn't. Just completely disappointed and left with the realization that I expect too much from people. 
    He apologized profusely later on, I told him I didn't care because it was his money.
  • describe the last  time you were let down...  I've been let down so many times its kinda funny. I just have such high expectations its hard not to be let down. I usually give people a chance and regret it in the end. I'd say the last time I was let down was when my ex said "its hard to be perfect but for you I would always try to be perfect" well you tried and failed. Maybe you werent even trying? I suppose it doesnt matter either way. you've moved on, I have to. theres no reason to dwell on things that no long matter. not to say that you dont matter its just that situation doesnt. anyways, that was the last time I was let down.
  •  Умирало любимое животное... Как решиться усыпить это беззащитное перед болезнью существо? Оно смотрит в твои глаза и еще любит тебя. А ты смотришь в его глаза и знаешь, что тебе известно больше и кажется, ты обманываешь того, кто тебя любит. Решится на это одному очень тяжело!!!!!!!!! Успокаеват одно - мы все умрем!
  • Kay, Well This is a Writer's block and this is what I'd do on my last day to live;

        First, i'd call everyone i know and tell them i love them. Then i'd book a flight to hollywood! LOL. Shh, my life long dream. :) And i'd go and visit the City of the stars. Just after that i'd mostlikely go home and spend time with my family. :)
    my last day would blow. :)
  • I'm going through a very hard time right now, and I let someone in to my heart again that I thought I could count on. It's very hard for me to talk about my problems and I reached out to this person, only to be shut out completely. That's life I guess.
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