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What is your cure for the common cold?

Answers (296)

  •   sleep  and drink more hot water.  take some pills can make efforts
  • Take a bottle of rum with you and go to bed and drink it and swet it out.
  • There is no pharmaceutical medicine to cure a common cold or other illnesses caused by viruses.  We have been taught that the only way is rest with healthy foods and drinks.  Over the years, various ways to treat or prevent the common cold, such as the one in the article, Alternative Cold Remedies That Work, have been suggested.  Still, the article did say that the methods may not be successful.

    We may take medicine to relieve the cold symptoms, but getting rid of it occurs naturally: our bodies fight the virus.  That's why the ways suggested have mostly been centered on strengthening our immune system.  After I became a student in the acupuncture and oriental medicine program, I began to use oriental medicine as another form of treatment.  I would perform acupuncture on myself or make an appointment for it.  I also take herbs that would fight the cold.  Oriental medicine is mostly about restoring and maintaining balance, strengthening our bodies, and promoting the body to heal itself.
  • rest, hot showers... steam off the heat of the water, plenty of fluid, fruit and vegetables, vit c, ricola's and if it is bad, meds... but not always
  • Orange juice

    My boyfriend, Spike always tells me to drink it when I feel like I might be getting sick. I'm not exactly a big fan of it but it at least makes me feel like I'm doing something to help my health.
  • Good rest for a 3 or 4 days.
  • A bottle of whisky and hot spicy curry or a chilli dish.
  • Home made soups with as much of any color pepper in any strength as you can pour in - the illness buffers the usual pain of hotness that I don't enjoy when well. An old roommate's recommendation of Dragon Oil from his Asian condiment stash was a true hot vs. cold virus killer. Did not buy my own bottle - could not bear it when sensitivity returned to tongue and throat.
  • Very warm bed, lots of sleep, with plenty of OJ and cold pills. Can kick it in a couple days if I can do that the day I get the cold, other wise I'll have it till it goes away or am able to sleep it off.
  • It's not so much just a cure for the common cold, it's a cure for every illness in my family.
    Ginger Ale. 
    It started out with only when we had bad stomach aches that our parents would get us ginger ale to drink. Then it turned into whenever we were sick. I have believe that's part of the reason why my siblings always fake being sick, to get out of school and to drink ginger ale.
    It might just be a family or a local thing, but it's what we do and I love it.
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