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Writer's Block

The Last Time I Surprised Someone Else

When was the last time you surprised someone else?

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  • The last time I got surprised by someone else, you mean? That would definitely have to be yesterday for my birthday. My awesome boyfriend, Sean “Mixingk” Keffer obviously wanted to get me back for when I surprised him at Christmas. Actually, I take it back. The last time I surprised him was last year—the first day that I recognized him sitting all by himself in the dining room. I’d been staring at him for a while. Sometime later, after we’d been hanging out, I gave him a hug and kiss—a big hug before going to bed. I guess his way of getting me back for that was pulling an even bigger surprise for my birthday. He’d instructed me to go to lunch like we usually do. I’d already gone to the bathroom. No sooner had I sat down, my parents snuck up behind me. The 3 stooges ended up taking me out to lunch. Me, Sean, and my mom all split a pizza—which was gone in no time at all. Sean, you just wait. I’m going to get you back for this.
  • i surprise jeff all the time. i love surprising people.
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  • OH MY GOD! I am like, the cruelest person in the entire world! I read that writers block title and then went to poor innocent keely next to me: "KEE KEE......*pause whilst I have her attention" BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and she jumped 12 foot in the air and got this petrified look.... poor thing! So, the last time I surprised someone was about.....2 minutes ago?? There. I have an entry, at the expense of poor dearest Keely and her easy jumpability. As demonstrated above. I'll see if I can find a nicer writer's block now.... P.s. I just sort of waved in front of Kee and she jumped igen. I have lost her trust! Damn you livejournal!
  • The last time I surprized someone... Well, I surprised my mum for mother's day with a big bouquet of flowers delivered to her at work and then some Me-2-U bears on the acctual day. 

    The last time I REALLY surprized someone/myself.

    I was a little younger than I am now. I was walking through town and went along the road and into my friends village and walked to a park where I was meant to meet them and sat on a swing. I looked over to the oung child play area and there was this group of teenage boys about 15/16 punching two small children. I think they were twins if not, they were brother and sister. They were about 9 or 10. Close by, there was another group, but of girls who looked like they knew the boys you know? THEY HAD TURNED THEIR BACKS. They couldn't watch, so they just faced the other way. I don't know what the children had done to the older people but it made me feel sick. I got off the bench and pushed the biggest boy over, took the two children by the hand and walked out of the park. The biggest boy got up and called me a stupid fat bitch and they started to run after us. The two children started to cry so i sped up a little to get them to move wuick but not to over scare them. I could tell we were not going to get far so I stopped, still holding their hands and told them to stay behind me. They were clinging to the back of my legs, terrified. I asked the boys if they had a problem and they stopped and laughed. They started shouting stupid comments and I just stood trying to look as if I knew what to do to re-assure the kids. one of the boys came over and started pushing me, but I stood still. My friend arrived with some of his mates and formed a semi-circle between me and the two children, and the group of boys. They backed off and I took the children to their house. Their parents thanked me and my friends and got the police involved. I didnt know any of the boys - they were not from the village, so wasnt much help. The family moved away and I have not heard from them since.

    This just shows what arseholes people can be if they feel big, clever, powerful and are around friends. If they are so insecure with thier friends they feel they need to beat up people smaller/younger/weaker than themselves to 'IMPRESS' them, then they need to find new friends AND new personalities!


    Hope you're ok where you now live, Sam and Emily. Xx 

  •       as i have said before i work at HomeSense. and working there is quite interesting. the people are great in there own ways and i like it there. the only down fall is there is always people moveing in the company. so there is always someone leaving our store. a few weekend ago we lost our store manager, who has been for the past year and we have all grown to no and loVe. so we wanted to do something to let her no how much she would really be missed other then the usuall party and gift. so me and a few of the other jokesters at work decided we would shrink wrap her car so she couldn't leave that day. so we did we wraped the whole car, and put a sign under it that said "and where do you think your going?" then we blew up some balloons and put them under the shrink wrap as well. she was soo supprised, she left it like it all day and didn't want to take it off and when she did, she cryed. we really miss her and hope she will be back soon to wip us back in shapee. :) 

  • all the time xP i come out with some random crap lol, i really do.
    apparently, i'm unpredictable.
    if someone tries to tell me that i can't do something, laughs it off it's just like -.- the hell i can't! and i guess i just get so pissy about them thinking that i'm not capable that i just have to set out to prove them wrong.

    i surprise people a lot but the last time was, a couple of days ago. wednesday? yep, it was then.

    it was in P.E. at school [Physical Education] and we were playing rounders.
    i was being batstop and i was doing alright, till right at the end the ball went rolling past me. we were trying to get the other team's player out and in my hurry to go get the ball, somehow i tripped over the net of a football goal thing and went sprawling over the floor. it looked hilarious apparently and i was just kinda like :blushblush: while everyone was cracking up...i didn't mind that so bad, because our class is...'close' i guess, not sure how to explain it. then teams switched places and i was one of the last to run. it was all depending on me, if i could make a run then our team would have won the game.
    thing is, as soon as i got ready with the bat -----____-----  one of the guys, Ryan goes 'pfft it's Hanan we don't need to worry' and started laughing, a fair amount of people snickering with him.

    i'm one of the least sporty people around. seriously, i suck at everything. i can't even swim.

    but then, that just pissed me off and it was like 'you watch me' . i actually hit it, really nice and far then ran half way around. glanced back, nobody had even manged to catch it so i even took my time and slowed down, saunter off to the finish xDDD everybody was cheering me on, high fives the whole thing. other team was like 'NOOOOOO dammit why did you have to make a run!'

    so yeah, something trivial but it really did make me feel good that day ^^

    also - i got PS about two days ago as you can see from my previous entry. the first thing i really made was Lyra's sig, using Cora's tutorial on HOS - simple, only supposed to be about 10 layers [although i ended up using 15] but i was really proud that i managed to finish it. ive started to get ideas of my own and am gonna start experimenting, although i'm going to have to be real careful i don't end up, kind of stealing Cora's style.

    hm.. the last time i surprised someone?
    it must have been at my friends birthday.. 
    the night before i made her a cake, and when the clock was like 00:01 or something i visited her, and gave it to her :P

  • The last time I surprised someone was at Christmas, last year. I brought a crystal bear with my mom's birthstone on it for her.


  • on valentines day.. i tied a whole bunch of balloons to my boyfriends bed
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