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Friends forever

Did you have imaginary friends growing up?

Answers (153)

  • Yes, his name was Harley Marker
  • No, didn't
  • Nope. But I did have my beloved Grover, whom I took everywhere with me. And, 29 years later, Grover is still my homie. :) I don't take him everywhere I go, but I do cuddle him every night.
  • I tried to have one, but I didn't really see the point after a few weeks.  I had to keep reminding myself that 'Pine Straw' was supposed to be following me around everywhere.
  • I have imaginary friends now. I have more now than I did when I was little.
  • No, but there was a lad in my class/year in secondary school who did. He would save a seat for him and everything, the teachers were not amused. It was hilarious though.
  • Oh wow, there was one - well, three - and honestly, they were with me until middle school. I never told anyone that, hahahaha!
  • Yes, I do. Um... two girls with opposite personality. I always think it wise to have a devil and an angel so I make them. In my imaginary, they're the best!! XD
  • Maybe it's a little embarrassing, but I totally did! When I was little, I ALWAYS wanted a kitten, but my dad is really allergic to animal fur, so having a cat was always out of the question. I think I was around five or six, and I created an imaginary kitten for myself so I could at least pretend to have the cat I wanted. It was a little tabby cat named Kina, and I'd always leave little play dishes out for it so it could 'eat' and 'drink'. I'd take it on walks (in my play stroller, of course), dress it up, the whole nine yards!

    Of course, I grew out of the imaginary friend phase, but I think that should've proven to my parents that I was at least ready to take care of some sort of pet. :P I might see if I can get a fish over break. They're pretty low maintenance AND they're pretty to look at!

  • yes
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