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Writer's Block

One Day to Live

What would you do if you had one day left to live?

Answers (211)

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  • I would do everything that I wouldn't do normally (i.e. Drink, go on dangerous roller coasters, sex...) Also- tell the ones I love my feelings for them.
  • переспала бы с нашим таксистом, накурилась травы и махнула бы на море автостопом=)
    просто чтобы узнать что енто такое
    кадат позапрошлой зимой я попыталас прожить день так, будто завтра не настанет
    (я шизофреник-- могу ченть придумать и сама в енто верю, да так, что реальность меркнет)
    было классно, хотя ниче особенного я не делала. тада я пыталас быть правоверной христианкой, а еще была по ущи влюблена в одного типа. так что перспектива скорой встречи с творцом вдохновляла=)
  • Да тоже самое, что делаю каждый день))) МОре позитивных эмоций, много глупостей ну и немного полезностей.
  • If i had one day to live, there would be few things i could do. Many of the the things i would do, many of my friends wouldn't approve of, but hell, im dyeing right? I would get spontaneously on a plane. fly to Texas, and grab Joe (lol, sorry for the pun love) get back on a plane, get to Arizona, gather all my friends and throw one hell of a party to send me off, and try to keep everyone from crying. tell everyone everything, anything ive been holding back. I would hold Joe's hand, hug him, and kiss him, and look him straight in the face without crying and tell him, just how much i love him. I would look Brii straight in the face and tell her, she is a vibrant woman the most beautiful personality, and i would miss her. Tell her i love her, and wish that we could've spent more time together, and really have been born sisters. Tell Emilie everything ive been holding back, wishing (like brii) we could've really been born sisters, that we could have met so much sooner. I had my whole life with my family, so ill spend my last day with my love, and my friends (adopted family). they're all i need. ~Mor

  • Well, I would definetly go 2 6 Flags Magic Mountain w/ my best friends & ride all the roller coasters, watch all the thrill shows, & have a real blast.
  • Если бы я узнал об этом,то я бы обошел всех своих родных людей,всех  друзей,всех врагов и попросил бы у них прощения.Каждому дал бы какой нибудь добрый совет.
    А остаток времени провёл бы обняв свою любимую девушку! 

  • Pamela Anderson. Or die trying (thanks for the idea, Borat.) Oh, sorry... that's WHO i would do. What? Skydiving. Hey, at worst it would bring death ONE DAY closer!
  •  Сказала бы родственникам, где лежат мои деньги, попрощалась бы с ними и если бы хватило времени и сил попросила бы сообщить в больницы о том, что готова свои органы людям отдать.
  •  Definitely not sleep. I would call up all my friends and family to have a party in Cancun or somewhere warm and beachy. I would fly everyone down and have a huge party. At the end of the day, I would say good-bye to everyone and spend time with the people I love the most.
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