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Talent show

What is something you do well?

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  • im a skater not a good one lol yet i dont mop up the floor!!!
  • I read really well, I read fast, and I remember what I've read. I'm also good at ferreting out obscure bits of information that often make the difference between me simply remaining a talented beginner or someone on her way to becoming an expert. Knowledge is the key to success in many things and persistance helps me find it. I also sew and do ceramics quite well. One thing I'm really good at is figuring out how to do something in an alternate way. Since I never did manage to learn to throw really large pots on the wheel, I learned to either hand-build ceramic items or I modified mold-cast greenware to make what I wanted to make. I can do the same thing when I'm sewing: I modify patterns, change necklines and sleeves and add other touches here and there to make it unique.
  • listen. come up with ideas. read. idk.
  • I play volleyball very well, I could say that it is my greatest talent. 
  • Drawing, maybe? Oh, being lazy too I guess.

  • Learn languages, trip planning, selecting pieces of design and art, enjoying delectable cuisine.
  • I am a writer.  It is what I am and always have been.  I don't say it as bragging, but as a fact.  I don't know how to do anything but write.  Alright I can do things like be a cashier, answers phones, cook, and all of that.  But those things are just jobs.  They're just chores and tasks that I have to go through.  Music and writing though.  Those things keep me sane.  And when it comes to writing, that becomes everything that I am.  It is the only thing that I can ever imagine holding onto for the rest of my life really.
  • Ballroom dancing
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