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Happily Ever After?

How did you spend Valentine's Day?

Answers (211)

  • I just spend time with my family and friends, but somehow, I think about my crush during that time...hehehehe....
  • Wow, I cannot complain about Valentines Day enough. 
    this year i actually had something to do and somewhere to go, 
    but it was wasted. 
    Usually i dont celebrate it in any way, 
    i'd probably mooch some candy off of someone.

  • I received little bags of candy from my boyfriend at school which was completely adorable. He gave me a necklace, a teddy bear and a package of black licorice (my favorite). Then, we planned on spending the rest of the day together but his dad called and bitched at him about shovelling snow. So, he went to do that. Afterwards, he took me out to dinner. We were supposed to go somewhere nice, but he somehow convinced me that all you can eat ribs at this steakhouse miles away was the best place to go, so we went. It sounds ridiculous but they were delicious ribs and it was my favorite V-day ever. <3
  •  lets see..i spent Valentine's Day breaking up with one of my friends...yeah that was fun.
  • School=Torture on valentines day so when I got home from school locked myself in my bathroom and cried.
  •  i woke up at a friends house after filming a video. got home quickly washed, then went to another friends place. we watched my name is earl. then i went home and straight to bed. 

    the norm

  • my valentines day consisted of running to meijer to buy ingredients for dinner. then gorging w/ my ma and sister, on Amy's Organics Spinach and Cheese(vegan) pizza and Shepards Pie then Chocolate Rum pudding cake for dessert. absolutely DELICIOUS!!  i was soo full i couldn't move!
    afterwards I watched Smallville and Supernatural(love those winchester boys). Sadly though there was breaking news on the NIU shooting. 5 students along with the shooter died such an unexplainable tragedy.
  • How did you spend Valentine's Day?

    Nothing fancy.
    Having a fellowship with my community, Domus Cordis.
    We meet every other Thursday, and Valentine's day just happened to be one of those cell meeting days.

    On a side note, I haven't celebrated Valentine's day for the longest time.
  • my Valentine's day was fun. i got a rose from Anna, but my bf has no money so i didn't get anything from him, but i worked to get some money and bought him a chocolate rose, teddy bear, and a card. He tryed to make up for it by being SUPER sweet all day.
  • Valentine's day was amazing! Well I didn't go out anywhere, but I was able to spend it with the love of my life, Anthony. It was great because he brought me these beautiful flowers and a cute pillow that sweetly says "i love you." Just being able to spend time with him made my day wonderful, becaues he means so much to me. Happily Ever After? Definately YES!
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