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It’s the end of the world

If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it, and why?

Answers (267)

  • I wouldn't.
    I'd go into a state of shock and sit still like a statue until something weird happened.
    Or else...
    I wouldn't believe it was happening and carry on as normal...almost.
  • probably enjoying the little things in life. just walking outside looking at 'nature'. probably just hang out and have fun. cribbage will definitely be played haha
  • do something fun and crazy
    i'd make every second count!

  • A match with my so-called dad would be nice. Chibisuke too.

    Tennis in general, I guess.
  • I wouldn't change a thing.
    The way my life is- or rather how it has turned out to be in the last few weeks- I wouldn't change a thing for the world.
    I would wake up at eight, fight with Michael to get him out of bed so that he can make it to work on time, argue over who needs the bathroom the most first (while I still insist that he should use it first since he does have to leave first),  smile for the rest of the day as I go through classes because I get to wake up every morning and see my boyfriend, stop by at my old high school to offer help to the new freshman (who sound like a dying cat stuck in a glass bottle that was thrown down three flights of stairs made of harp strings) and head over to my parents' house to say 'hi' to my parents and little brothers (and spend an hour sitting in my little sisters' old room) only to make my way back to my room where Michael would be waiting with take out (or cooking if its a Monday or Thursday). I would spend the rest of the night simply watching t.v. while debating the stupidity of the female characters in old black and white horror films. Because I know I would die happy.
    I would not dare say a thing to anyone else about me not having another day, I wouldn't say goodbye and I wouldn't regret my life. The past is in the past and if I chose to live my life that way any other day, I wouldn't change it on my last. Although my life hasn't been the most perfect (or even the happiest) I have finally achieved a sense of tranquility with how things turned out. Sure I have a few things I wish I could change, but the way I see it, if I die- or even if I'm shipped off of the planet on some astronaut mission or something- I would allow my loved ones no extra minute of grief than what they already will experience at my departure.
    Besides, why make anyone else worry when they could be enjoying their day?
  • Spend it with my soul mate, maybe closest family member.
  • Я бы отдала своих подопечных родственникам и пошла пешком куда-нибудь очень далеко ради того, чтобы узнать, как далеко я смогу уйти за один день. А когда устану вконец, то прилягу в каком-нибудь красивом месте и встречу конец света с улыбкой... А на следующее утро (уже в новом мире) пойду дальше, чтобы, спустя какое-то время, снова обрести своих шерстяных любимцев.
  • I would go shopping, possibly. But my number one on this list is go steal Stella and cuddle with her and Hawk all day.
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