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Happy Turkey Day!

What are you most thankful for?

Answers (269)

  • My friends and family. :) And music. I'm very thankful for music. :D
  • my daughter my wonderful boyfriend my job my family my education
  • Being with my family.
  • Happy Turkey Day!

    What are you most thankful for?

    Life, family, friends...

    особо понравился чей-то вариант:
    That I'm not a turkey (-:
  • I know that I'm a bit late on this, but this is an interesting question and I would like to comment on it. To be honest (and not to sound like a total spoiled brat) it is hard to be grateful for things when you feel like your life is such a mess. However, I feel like this is a mistake (one that I am sometimes guilty of). There are many things in this world to be grateful for, and not just in a someone-has-it-worse-than-you-way as some people are guilty of inspiring on others this time of year. I think that I am most grateful for those moments in life where everything seems to fall into place and the world feels perfect, even just for those few precious seconds. Eating ice cream with a close friend on a hot summer day or having iTunes play the perfect song that you didn't even know you wanted to hear. Those moments, while not life changing, can change your attitude and make your entire day better. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to smile and be happy? =)
  • Everything that I have. Life could much different. I try my best to lend out a helping hand to those that are less fortunate.
  • I got new socks! My feet are toasty-warm, and I have a pint of eggnog waiting in my fridge. My family loves me and I love them. It's a nice day, and we have another 5 billion years until the sun goes out.
  • For what's between my ears :-)
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