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American Music Awards

Who is the best musician or band of all time?

Answers (293)

  • Mnemic, Angelspit, Blackmore's Night, GothMinister .. and too many more
  • The Beatles for sure !
  • radiohead. no question. radiohead. since the beginning. till the end. i will always love their music. and madly respect what they did to the industry.
  • Well, Miley Cyrus is my favorite singer. I've loved her since I was 11 and she's helped me through lots of good and bad times. Breakout was one of the first CDs I owned (Talley gave it to me for Christmas in 2008) and I would dance around to it all the time. In 2010, I bought Can't Be Tamed the day it came out. The title song is the song I've listened to the most out of any song EVER (I have over 2,300 plays for it on Last.FM) and it gave me confidence. Also because of that album, I auditioned for the talent show last year singing Robot (even though I butchered it and didn't know whether to dance or just stand there). When Ramsey died, Miley was there with the song "I Miss You". When Autumn moved away, Miley was there with "Take Me Along". When the whole David Rivera thing happened, Miley was there with the unreleased "Giving You Up". When gay marriage was legalized in New York, I must've listened to "Party In The USA" 100 times. Haha. When I need a confidence boost, Miley's there with "The Climb" and "Can't Be Tamed". Miley was my childhood and is my now. Her songs are there for me no matter what mood I'm in. She's the one who understands my feelings about things I can't tell anybody else about. That's why she's my favorite singer and I would give anything to see her in concert at least once.
  • In my opinion, the best musician ever was, is and always will be - Michael Jackson. The king of my heart. 

    Of course, there are many other singers and bands I love, but he's on the top.

  • katy perry, francesca battistelli, journey, kelly clarkson, queen
  • Wow! There are a lot of people voting for Beatles. Of course, their phenomenon success and contribution to the music industry was extraordinary. 

    I appreciate music and there are a lot of artists that I look up to. Beatles is also one of the bands I admire. I used to play Beatles songs when I first started learning how to play the guitar. However, personally, my bet would be Queen. And for this decade, Coldplay! ;-) 
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Earth, Wind and Fire.
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