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2008 Accomplishment

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in 2008?

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  • Hey, my biggest accomplishment in 2008 was winning my division for the Assisted walk for Special Olympics. That really was a piece of cake, as I was the only one in my division. Because it was just me, this was extremely easy. No one kept me from accomplishing what I’d been practicing for before that moment. Fastforward to this year. The thing I’d like to accomplish is to be a permanent fixture on the wii bowling team. I’d like to accomplish is seeing our team go from 3rd place all the way up to 1st place. Nothing would be better than that. It’s not something that I’m going to give up on whatsoever—this is something that I hope our wii bowling team is going to be able to accomplish throughout the remainder of the wii bowling season, even pushing us into the playoffs and championship.
  • Completed my tour, and my documentary. (Well, most of it.) Along with my one man show, but I think it looks more like a stand up show, but those were three accomplishments right there, so it is something to be proud of
  • I finally managed to get my driver's license. Only about five and a half years later than I thought, back when I was young and optimistic, that I'd be getting it. I've also managed to save up more money than ever before, which is a huge deal to me as money tends to burn a hole in my pocket. But most of all I'm feeling accomplished that I got my license. Vroom vroom, baby! :D -Alexandra
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  • not much to say, it's only March
  • Well, gosh darn it, I made a New Years Resolution on the ULMB to see more Ben Stiller movies, and I've kept that promise! So far I've seen:

    The complete set of The Ben Stiller Show
    Meet The Parents
    Keeping the Faith
    Night At The Museum (Ok, we've owned that since last year, but it counts! I watched it again recently!)
    The Cable Guy (Ok, we've own this for centuries, but I watched it recently. Get off my back!)

    ETA:  Ooo! He's in "That's Adequate"! I bought a tape of that a kazillion years ago, since no one had heard of it! It's got a lot of people doing a few minute skits about a movie company that makes terrible films. All I remember is Robert Downey Jr. plays a Harold Lloyd-type, and thinking, "If they had got him to play a Charlie Chaplin-type, that woulda been freaky, considering he played him years later". Now I gotta watch that and find out what Ben plays in it!

    ETA PART II: ELECTRIC BUGALOO: Just finished watching That's Adequate! and I have to make a correction: While I have no idea who plays the Charlie Chaplin-like character, Robert Downey Jr. plays Albert Einstein (in "Einstein on the Bounty" skit). While Ben Stiller is technically in it, it's his dad who has a good chunk of skits in the film. Towards the end of the part with Jerry Stiller, while remenicing on his wife leaving him for the owner of Adequate Pictures, Ben is seen on the right side of the couch next to his dad, saying occasional consolement lines ("That's right, dad" and "Don't look back" kind of stuff), he doesn't have real dialogue or close ups at all. This film also has Sinbad in a "We Are the World" skit, and damn, it's the thinnest Sinbad I have seen in ages. That skit also has Robert Townshend as a Stevie Wonder-type who does nothing but laugh his head off continually.

    I've got a few more on hold on Netflix. Gimme time.

    My second greatest accomplishment is I have belated evil powers, because Lady Fair has quit smoking from guilt trips I started on her earlier this year. She hasn't had a puff in nine days! Yay! Release the evil!
  •  I have signed up for a running clinic and joined a local running group, yay for me! I have really been enjoying it so far!
  • Staying sober... and sane...
  • Becoming a Robot
  • 1) I achieved some goals at work and impressed my supervisor with my improvements. 

    2) I wrote another chapter in a kids' story for my friend's newsletter. 

    3) And the big one... I asked my girlfriend to marry me on 1/1/08. :)  Oh, and she said yes. :D

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