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The missing piece

What do you believe we are missing in this world?

Answers (309)

  • Windows to other worlds.

  • Peace love and understanding , i know it sounds like hippie speak, but really that is the one thing missing in this world. Now where is my pipe of peace with that black sticky hashish.
  • Love, acceptance, compassion, kindness, Gross National Happiness, sustainability, unschooling, democratic free schools, gap years, RTW Travel, simplicity.
  • connection... realizations that we are all people and we should care whether our actions affect those who we will never see or meet or even know the name of. I was talking to my uncles about worldly issues and both of them are vehemently opposed to helping people in other countries before helping those in ours, and one of them even said he strongly disagrees with helping people in countries whose government is a dictatorship. I can see the reasoning behind his argument, but at the same time... WE ARE ALL PEOPLE, we all want the same thing, 'we' being the 99%, not the rich people, not the politicians, no the people who hold regular jobs, or even no jobs at all. One of my uncles said he would rather help people who he can physically see/touch... which makes sense, but we must realize that our actions (mostly through consuming things) affect people in other countries. We can't JUST think about those who live near us or in our country, but of those who we effect through our buying habits... So what are we missing? The idea that we are one people, regardless of religion or government or what-have-you.
  • Compassion and empathy. The world is very 'I got mine, so fuck you.'
  • I think a lot of it is common sense and manners. People these days are just rude and don't care about anything other than themselves. It seem sno one wants to help someone or something else out.
  • adults. lol. im not joking. i find most people who are adults act as tho they are children. i mean its ok to act childish at points.. but most "adults" i have met dont know when to turn that on and off, and act more like teenage drama queens/kings.
  • I would say, we are missing LOVE in this world. People seems to become more selfish everyday (me too i guess LOL) and they seem to care more on 'artificial' happiness
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