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The last bite

What would be your last meal?

Answers (276)

  • cereal because you could keep adding milk.
  • Thai cuisine. ผัดไท โกยซีหมี่ เกี๊ยวทอด และสุกี้แห้ง
  • I ate some rice and meat.
  • the redness

    Lasagna with lots of tomato sauce, spinach with tomato and orange juice
    Dessert would be chocolate cake, not just one piece but a whole thing!!
  • Probably something with shrimp. I'd want it to be familiar and not some weirdly extravagant assortment of food. Especially due to the possibility that I wouldn't like it. I'd say sushi would be somewhere in there but it's not very homey. I guess I would want comfort food. But not going so far as to eat a sandwich or mac&cheese as a last meal. Chicken? Sausage? Wow. It's actually kind of hard to think of... and pretty depressing to think about. The layered honey rolls. That's definitely on the menu. How about if I picked a last meal for each mealtime? That way I can get my comfort foods in before dinner. Breakfast: The pancakes my dad used to make. With sausage because I can. And milk. Lunch: Possibly just a sandwich. And chocolate milk. Dinner: I'm still stuck on this one. I might throw in a root beer though. Or milk.
  • Soba. What else?
  • My appetizer would be Thai styled fried calamari with sweet chili dipping sauce. Then, for my entree, I would have biryani with my mom's prawn curry. Finally, for dessert I would have strawberry cake with ultra whipped cream for icing. 

  • Chicago food. Portillo's hot dogs and Italian Beef with sweet peppers, deep dish pizza with artichokes and a coke. Since it would be my last meal there's no point in eating healthy, non-fattening stuff.
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