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What was the most embarrassing day of your life?

Answers (146)

  • When Sasha Gradiva showed up at the 2012 Grammy Awards dressed like an extra from the Terminator film series, The first thing on my mind was, "What the fuck?"  Don't get me wrong.  There's nothing wrong with paying tribute to the Terminator film series.  However, the 2012 Grammy Awards may not be the right time or place for an epic gun battle between post-nuclear apocalyptic cyborgs.  It's nothing personal against Sasha Gradiva, but the 2012 Grammy Awards isn't the time to scare the shit out of everybody in sight.  It would be much better if Sasha Gradiva saved her gun dress for Halloween 2012 instead.

    I hope Sahsa Gradiva isn't going to show up at an airport dressed up like that. She'll never make it past airport security.
    The next dress also worn at the 2012 Grammy Awards isn't too bad. However, remember the old saying, "if you find yourself mixed up in a car wreck, make sure you're wearing clean underwear?" I'm sure the person who created that old adage never considered this dress worn by Black Eye Peas lead singer Fergie (Born under the name Stacy Ann Ferguson) as a possiblity.
    This dress was worn by Nicki Minaj also to the 2012 Grammy Awards.

  • This never happened to me because I don't play football. It's too dangerous. Suppose that there's a football player who wanted to ask out a cheerleader. He never makes the effort. Either she already shot him down, she's already going steady or he jumped to the conclusion that she'll always say no. The football player is filled with anger and spite. He wants revenge. So while playing football, a subconscious thought becomes literal action and he tackles the cheerleader instead of the opposite team. Now it won't matter if he ever had a chance or was going to strike out forever. She won't look at him much less talk to him. Oh yes, the consequences of tackling the cheerleader instead of the opposite team while playing football in a football game is a difficult thing to explain to the teacher.
    A similar thing took place Thanksgiving Day football game between the Dallas Cowboys verses Miami Dolphins at Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas. The date was Miami Dolphins. Thursday, November 24, 2011 at 3:15 PM. Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Kellerman was talked by Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten. Now if only he could tackle Miami Dolphins football players as well as he could tackle cheerleaders standing on the sidelines.

  • My life is an embarrassment.
  • I embarrassed myself as a child on a regular basis, which probably led to me becoming the inhibited self-preserving specimen I am today! Oh let's see, a toss up between the day I had to go pee SO BAD that I had an accident while we were doing jumping jacks in gym class (and pee ran down my leg... I remember this day as everyone being ushered out of the room as the room flooded with pee... no joke, I can still picture the ocean of pee in my memory! Clearly I couldn't have peed that much so my imagination must have taken over when someone drew attention to my predicament) ... or perhaps the day I tripped on the sidewalk walking down the street to my friend's birthday party, right in front of her house, my dress flew up and everyone saw my underwear and laughed at me, I turned around and ran home... or maybe when I was a little older, middle school, being forced to do a debate in which I was the person fielding questions from the other team and I had absolutely no clue as to how to prepare, and my answers consisted of "um, I dunno" and it went on FOREVER and I wanted to switch schools after that but my parents wouldn't let me... LOL. Fast forward about 10 years from that, and it was the day I had utterly convinced myself that I could get my jerkface boyfriend back if only I TOLD him everything I was FEEEEEELING and how AMAZING he is... he agreed to meet me and hear me out, and he let me go on and on basically begging him to take me back, promising to change, all that shiz... for him to just coldly tell me it was too late, he was in love with the whore he left me for. Okay, maybe this one should win "most humiliating day"!
  • I took my girlfriend's hand and put it on my dick ( and ofcourse we are not naked . her hand is on my pants ) everyone around here looked at me and laughed . although i realized it was not cool , i just couldn't let her hand go . whats worse is i ejaculated . that happened when i was 14. embarrassing enough ?
  • Probably the most embarrassing moment was when I ran into the boy's bathroom by accident. *flushes*

    I was in the seventh grade and I was at our annual seventh grade dance. 
    Me and my friends were being the least from attractive, running around annoying each other xD.
    My best friend kept chasing me around the dance floor that I ran out of the cafeteria (That was where we held our dances at) and sprinted for the girls restroom. I always had a hard time remembering which stall was the boys bathroom and which was the girls, so I just assumed it was the one farther away from the cafeteria. Mistake? Yuup.
    Instantly, my friends ditched me and I wondered why. But then a few seconds later, I figured out. I ran into a guy in a urinal stall using it, and I gasped and instantly turned a bright red. I covered my eyes and ran for dear life.
    That was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, and it was even more embarrassing knowing my friends were laughing at me the whole time, but it was pretty funny myself too. We all had a great time at the dance afterwards.

  • I wouldn't call this the most embarrassing day of my life, but it was one of my more embarrassing recent moments. At work I was taking a shopping cart to the front of the store. I was off in my own little world and I was pretending I was a NASCAR driver. So I was going pretty fast. Well, I couldn't stop in time to keep from hitting a pole. The bottom of the cart hit my shin and gave me a nasty bruise, and the handlebar of the cart hit my stomache, which knocked the air out of me and I couldn't breath for a good few seconds. I stood up, and quickly looked around, and it seemed like I was in the clear. Then the next day, the security guy tells me they had to watch the security cameras because of a theif that had been in the store. I didn't think much of it until everyone started referenceing my clumsiness and cart accidents and that sort of thing. At the end of my shift, my manager came up to me and said "Just so you know, anything embarrassing you do, like running a shopping cart into a pole, gets caught on the security cameras." So I guess I was caught red handed... Yours, Blushing Lainie
  • there were doing a  construction in the street in front of my house (it was a hole about 5 feet deep and almost 7 feet wide) ... and it had rain so much that the workers left.. so in the night I saw the guy I love (one-side love of course) across the street so... when a  went there, I fell down in the hole full of water and not to mention mud (I was just to daze looking at him that a totally forgot about the hole (-"-)')... so he saw me covered in mud from head to toe... he laugh so hard and saw like a kid since then.... 
  • well that's easy one i've never been good in science my physics improved but not my chemistry....once on my test...Physics test i got a zero and my teacher insulted me infront of d class and i begin to cry....it was mortifing!

  • I'm not sure what would be more embarrising? Wearing a hat like seen below or being photographed wearing it. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, from the tv and film series Sex in the City, probably had a lot on her mind. It's understandable that she would put a hat like this on and forget that it's still on her head when she headed out to her limo to do whatever it is that wealthy people do each day.

    I'm more concerned about what was on Sarah Jessica Parker's mind when she purchased the hat in the first place. Does she still have the hat right now? Who designed the hat? It's doubtful that you'll find a hat like that at K-Mart or Wallmart---Or rather I certainly hope not.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the films and television show episodes that Sarah Jessica Parker has done, but she needs to wear a better hat.  However, we can all rest assured that Sarah Jessica Parker is able to recover from bad attire choices with her head and dignity held high.  After all, it's only a one time only misstep.

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