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Writer's Block

Coffee Or Tea?

What method do you use to prepare your coffee or tea?

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  • After burning out several kettles, I now have an electric kettle which will shut itself off if I get busy/distracted.I usually have my LARGE cup ready with tea bag and Splenda. At work I have an electric kettle also, and I often use a small teapot to get two cups out of one teabag.
  • Starbucks Venti Iced Chai Latte at Gate C11, Birmingham Airport. The best. I'm homeward bound in an hour. I do believe I will need to go get a refill while I wait. Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App

  • It took a long time for me to learn to drink coffee. The smell is wonderful, but the taste was lacking. Then, Gevalia sent me a sample. Heavenly! Occasionally, I'll drink good coffee brewed in the standard drip maker. I like hot tea brewed by the cup through the infusion method. A tea ball is best, but I will settle for unbleached tea bags. Recently, I started drinking iced green tea. It has a delicate taste and many nutritional benefits. I had been drinking hot green tea for many years, but this is South Texas! The heat was killing me. Other teas I enjoy include: Earl Grey, Constant Comment, Russian tea, and other black teas. Herb teas, I treat as medicine, and find many uses for Peppermint, Camomile, Echinacea, Golden Seal, and a few others. Sometimes I find the herbs myself, but usually, I buy Celestial Seasonings or Avita.

    Occasionally, I make sun tea, because we have a lot of sun!
  • Tea with Lipton tea bags, made either in my cup when I only have time for one, or in my red 2 cup teapot when I'm 'kicking back'. My new pride and joy is an electric kettle which comes to a ROLLING BOIL, 'dings' and then shuts itself off. Stays hot quite a while, too. No more burnt out tea kettles!! On hot days, I take bottles of Kirkland iced tea with citrus or Starbucks Mocha Cappuccino.

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    Automatic drip. Brewed extra strong. Combined with a whole lot of milk and a few ice cubes.

    I prefer it made fresh every day, rather than 9 days old.

    God's love is just like that. Automatic, extra stong and fresh every day.

    Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 
    They are new every morning. Lam 3:22-23

  • I drink a lot of coffee too every day, i brew and make fresh one every day, adding some milk to it and some sinamon, and that's it. Braun Cooffee maker
  • :D The Woods. Yep, that's the extent of my brewing know-how. J/K. ...slightly. No, but seriously, I generally dont drink a lot of coffee, and when I do it has to have lots of chocolate and it must be soy without whip. Unless it's real whipping creme, then it's okay. Woods Coffee is the best cafe I've ever tasted. I think it's only a NW Washington thing, though, cause I've never seen it anywhere else. And Acai berry and Chai tea in bags make awesome wake-up calls. Little creme, no sugar and really strong.
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  • I do not drink coffee, unless it is iced and more chocolate than coffee and, regrettably, probably comes from Starbucks. For tea, I microwave a cup of water (because it's faster... in my apartment the water would be hot enough straight out of the faucet, but here you have to run it for half an hour or something before it starts to get warm), put a scoop of loose tea in one of these nifty teaball-type-spoons and let it steep for about four or five minutes. Then I put a scoop of sugar in, add a drop of milk (more if it's still really hot), stir and enjoy. :) ...Need to make more of that, like now. I definitely have a cold... sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, slight cough. Means I probably won't be able to do the catering thing tonight, especially if the cough keeps up. TT_TT
  • (Somehow I started to answer this memey thing on someone else's journal, but it looks as though it's going to post to my own journal. It even modifies my tags. Neat trick.) Tea: Boil the water, warm the pot with a little of the hot water, use about a teaspoon of tea leaves or one tea bag (my pot is not very large). A generous teaspoon of honey or sometimes a tablespoon, depending how I feel which I put directly into the pot. Then I often pour a goodly dollop of goat's milk into my cup (a goodly dollop probably is almost a quarter of the cup) and top up with the tea. (And if you shake up the goat's milk before pouring it you get a nice froth.)
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