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Writer's Block


What do you want done with your body after you die?

Answers (792)

  • Cremation
  • Heh...don't remember seeing this writer's block option (of course, I wasn't looking all that hard at the time this was posted). Real simple. Cook the corpse, put the open urn on the back of the motorcycle and just drive until the urn is empty. Then, go dancing and drinking.
    1. organ donation - everything what might help anybody,
    2. science use,
    3. skin for gloves, cases or whatever (bones for pens),
    4. rest you may throw away.
    i would love if my Owner would have gloves made of my skin after my death. Am i sick freak? --cat
  • Mom and I have mutually agreed on cremation and scattering in a scenic place we never visited in life.
    Prior to that, science and medicine can have whatever they can use.

    (this question must have come around again b/c I already had a thanatopsis tag. XD)
  • Throw me in a hole, cardboard box is ok. Cremate me is fine. I wouldn't mind having a green burial and become fertilizer for a tree.
  • I've always thought that after you're dead, you don't really need real estate, right?

    Cremation and scattering for me, or a green burial.
  • I'd really like to be buried in, say, a rainforest. That way, I can give back to Nature, contribute to the Cycle of Life. My corpse might just provide the nutrients needed for some trees to grow. One less body, a few extra trees. A good deal, I feel.
  • hug me, love me, burn me, and scatter me across the sky. turn me into the air, wind and your breathe. 

  • I'd probably want to be cremated... less mess and wouldn't be taking up space in our overly crowded cemetaries.
  • I've actually just recently thought of this. I used to want to be burned, but I'm thinking now I want to be buried. But I would rather be buried by hand and the coffin doesn't have to be special lol. Maybe in my back yard? haha
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