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Time for change

If you could ask the leader of your country anything, what would it be?

Answers (251)

  • Implement Gross National Happiness and The Independent Project as reported in the NYTimes for all schools.
  • How come it costs so much to live in this country? There are so many people out there are having trouble making ends meet. How come college costs so much? Why is it now that one must have a college degree to maybe get a job? Don't you want to help propel the nation forward? Why does it seem like problems only get ignored? Is it because Capitol Hill is only worried about their well being?
  • Can you look me straight in the eye and say that everything you ever promised, everything you ever said on campaign, everything you ever said while you were in office, was the truth?

  • Why can't we live together in peace? I know we're from different soil, but our blood is colored just the same.
  • To ask what is the future of the UK in Europe, or will England come out of the UK ? (Conservative can never lose in England alone ? )
  • "Gaat het nu echt allemaal zoals u gewild had..?"
  • That we should only have a half year of school and if we could change school times instead of 7pm till 3 I think we should do from 12 till 1 and instead of 5 days of school 2 days of school a week:P
  • На какую дату запланировано оглашение перечня мер по восстановлению в стране конституционного строя и что мешает сделать это раньше?
  • Stop the compromise and give us what you promised us.
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