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Cornucopia of colors

What do you love about autumn?

Answers (385)

  • The crisp and clear blue sky, and the leaves are still on the trees or there's equal coverage on the ground and they haven't oxidized yet.
  • I love the colors, and I love taking pictures in the fall. 

  • Autume is a beautiful and colourful. Every thing in autume is growing and giving us a positive think that is
    "night has gone to life and come brightness like day” Generic Plavix
  • Halloween,  dressing up like someone who isn't you and nobody make a sly comment.
  • The colors. There isn't another season who has so beautiful colors like autumn ♥

  • I like Autumm because all of the leaves are so colourfull it looks like a dream
  • i love that the weather gets cooler during autumn. i currently live in GA and the heat in the summer can be unbearable at times. i enjoy cooler temperatures. and unlike with spring, my allergies don't act up in autumn and i don't have to worry about about an asthma attack. autumn is when most shows air their premieres for the new season. and i think we all know how much i love tv ;) and then there's college football... GO DAWGS, SIC 'EM, WOOF WOOF WOOF! plus, autumn has some pretty awesome holidays: Labor Day (barbecue!), Halloween (50% off of candy the next day!), Thanksgiving (mom's cooking & 2 days off from work!), and Black Friday (sales!).
  • The smell of autumn that you get on certain days, early in the morning when you step out of the door. The smell of bonfire smoke in the air, and the squeals and crackles of fireworks in the distance and in front of us at our annual family Bonfire Night party. The vivid colours of fireworks exloding, and of the flames of the bonfire lighting up the darkness. Dry fallen leaves. Even now, aged 26, I love jumping in a big pile of dry crispy colourful leaves at the side of a road, if there's nobody else around... Once Bonfire Night is over, there's the knowledge that winter and Christmas will soon be here. When I was in years 5 and 6 at junior school, I loved autumn because it was conker season. I loved playing conkers! (If anyone from outside Britain happens to read this, a conker is a type of nut, the seed/fruit of the horse chestnut tree.) Aside from the game itself, I loved the fact that usual barriers seemed to be lifted; so long as they had a conker on a string in their hand, then my shyness would temporarily disappear and I'd approach anyone asking for a game, even if they were a person from another year group I'd never spoken to before, or were a person I didn't usually like that much. And they'd accept with pleasure. People I'd never really spoken to much at all would ask me for a game. The general atmosphere was that anyone could ask anyone else for a game of conkers in conker season, and I loved that. I loved collecting conkers too. I also loved collecting the apples from our big cooking apple tree in our back garden. I used to do it with my two sisters; it was so fun, whether you were one of the two who climbed up and picked, or the one on the ground catching the apples the other two threw down.
  • Football season and cooler weather...
  • Autumn, it's an interesting season. Cool, clean, crisp breezes and changing leaves. Not cold but no longer warm. A constantly changing season. I think those are all the reasons I like it.
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