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Did you meet your significant other or best friend on LiveJournal? Tell us your story!

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  • I met Fae originally back in 1999 when I was at a diner with two friends. I was dating this guy from Roanoke at the time and remember complaining about driving for hours just to see him and it was wearing me down. Fae and two of his friends came in and ended up sitting in the booth behind us. I don’t know who started it, but we all ended up talking and joking around. At some point later in the evening, he ended up talking to another friend that had come in. This friend (a very trifling looking fellow) was bitching about being lonely and Fae made the comment that I was attractive. Hearing it was about me of course I perked up and knowing that Fae thought I was attractive did boost my ego a little bit. At the end of the night as we were parting ways, I remembered thinking that somehow someway he was going to be a part of my life. I didn’t see him again for another year. In 2000, I remember coming home one evening (it was sometime in the fall) and noticed I had a ton of missed calls on my phone. I didn’t recognize the number but out of curiosity I called it back. It was Fae and apparently he got my number from my sister who happened to be his hair dresser and next door neighbor. I remember her telling me ages ago about this whore (yes my sister said that) that lived next door and not to trouble myself with him. I knew Fae and his brother lived next door to my sister but I never put two and two together for some reason. Hell, I still haven’t figured out why she decided to change her mind about him but she did. Anyways, so we ended up talking for the next 8 hours while he was at work. We made plans to meet for dinner at IHOP in Fairfax as he was working at a site in Arlington at the time. He was in his uniform (he worked security) and I remember thinking how yummy he looked and I wanted to jump him right there in the parking lot. Luckily I kept my composer or that would have been very awkward. We ate and made small talk for awhile then I followed him to his house so we could watch a movie. I didn’t know “movie” was code that he was going to try and get into my pants, but that apparently was what he wanted. After playing coy for awhile, I finally gave in and we started fooling around. Funny enough, he didn’t have any condoms so we couldn’t go all the way. After we finished (i.e. got off), I left to go home. We didn’t actually have intercourse until after 9 months of us playing this cat and mouse game of teasing each other. I eventual had gotten to the point where I was finally done with the games and decided we would go to that next level. I remember how bad it was. It was actually awful and I remember yelling at him (I didn’t care of anyone else in the house heard). In his own defense he was extremely tired and I pushed us into having sex, so I guess it was my fault, but at the time I didn’t care because it was such a let down. Despite the first bad sex incident, we continued our back and forth flirtations for a few years after that (we even had some really really good sex incidents but those are other tales). We floated in and out of relationships but we always seemed to go back to each other. I don’t know when it finally clicked in his head that he loved me (I had known for ages and left a few guys when I thought I had a chance with him), but when he finally told me, I ended the relationship I was in and started going out with him. The rest is history. There is a bit more tidbits of info in-between there, but we will leave it at that. It is worth noting that Fae told me once that if he would have had a condom that night we fooled around we would never have gotten together because he just saw me as a piece of ass and that was it. Thank the gods for small favors. *wink*
  • Yes, I did. I met a very good friend - . It started with one of her fics - I don't remember which one it was, but I know it was in March this year. I remember that I commented on it, and other flew by itself. We started to comment on each other's fics and I once colored her drawing >w< because I found it so cute lol. Then I asked her for her skype and we started to chat~

    I'm really glad I found someone like her. She helps me with the most stupid things I feel at the moment, and I'm happy I have her - even if we don't know each other in real and there is a low probability that we will meet each other in future, I'm still glad that there is someone like her in the world.

    Thank you, Ue. <3
  • No but we were LJ Friends before we were an item. I met her on another fandom site we are both members of. And were "friends" on that sire for a long time. We became Yahoo Messenger buddies and then we just couldn't stop chatting. Then things just progessed and changed...And well we've been together for a year and eight months this week. I guess I did use LJ to stalk her a little! :P But hey, she probably did too because she loooooved me and wanted to kissssss me. hehehe
  • Well... *ahem* ...I have a partner and another long-distance love interest, and I met the latter here on LJ.  Out of respect for the privacy of the parties involved, I won't go into the details.  Suffice it to say that it's got more than its share of spice and intrigue.
  • Oh my, I have met lots of absolutely lovely people here! Most of my friends on FaceBook I have first met on LiveJournal, and LJ also helped me to bring myself and one of my IRL friends together after having lots of quarrels ♥
  • I did. Found her journal quite randomly, decided to hang around a little longer, offered advise on various subjects, mostly boy-related in her case, decided to trade anime, forgot the anime, dated. It was quite a lengthy relationship in the end. *nods*
  • Jesus Christ, I actually did. commented on a Watchmen story I wrote, praising my Nite Owl/Rorschach buttsex. Then I briefly stalked her via AIM, and now we do gay stuff together.
  • No/
  • No, I haven't found a significant other or best friend on LiveJournal. In fact, I haven't met many people from the Internet in person. Unfortunately, I haven't been good about keeping in contact with the ones that I have actually met. I WISH I had one of those cool stories to tell! The Internet may be the perfect place for dishonest people to lie about themselves, but for earnest people, it can be a place to be truer than you are in "real life." That's why I think the Internet can be a great place to meet people.
  • I met my ex on here and we dated for a year and a half. Trust me, you don't want the story. It's not a pretty one :/
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