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Happy birthday John Lennon!

Do you think there will ever be world peace?

Answers (374)

  • Sure.
    If mankind has died out.
  • 2500 or 3000
  • Honestly, no. Most of us don't even have peace within ourselves, let along with our family or friends. World peace is just something to aim for, it's never meant to be accomplished. There are so many people at such different points in their lives that to have any kind of collective peace seems ridiculous.
  • dont bother yourselves . its never gonna happen
  • World peace will be in a boat with a couple of gentlemen who can't abstract from point of view that the boat going to the abyss.
  • No.  As much as I hope and pray that their will be I know it could not be.  As many human beings that are in this world is how many different opinions and feelings and points of view their are.  Too many for people and choices to live in peace.
  • As long as money exists there will never be  world peace!
  • On *this* world? No. Human nature doesn't work that way. And if you alter the nature, it's not really a human world that would have the peace, is it?

    To all those "humans are basically good" believers... get a clue. Humans are, at their core, very bad. And unless something is done about that, world peace is out of the question. And if something *is* done about it, it's not really the same world, so... no.

    Pessimists unite! (...though it won't do any good, anyway...)
  • Honest answer, NO! If we wait for the world to change, it's going to take forever. And forever, is an understatement.

    World peace is fiction.
  • I hope so. I am sick of war and the like. But I honestly don't know if it will happen any time soon. Heck, we can't even get our members of congress to agree on a lot of things!
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