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World Vegetarian Awareness Month

What's your favorite vegetarian meal?

Answers (379)

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  • Two of my favorite vegetarian meals are fruit salad and fried rice with vegetables only.
  • Steamed rice mixed with raw vegetables plus tofu cubes. Plus Bean-O. A nut`n berries desert would ' top off ' a full meal. Plus Bean-O. Beverage water . Plus Bean-O.[AL6005 _ 10-29-2011 ~ 16:17 hrs PT]
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  • Well, not really meal.. but I do love chinese pechay, kang kong, and asparagus. My favorite vegies! :)

  • At least two to three times a week, I eat Trader Joe's dolmas (grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices), lavash (Persian flat bread) and
    Greek style yogurt.  It makes the Persian side of me very happy.

  • Fruit salad. Perfect for both summer and winter.
  • My favorite vegetarian meal would have to be anything that involved eggplant. For instance, one such classic is the eggplant parmigian. So tastey.

  • This is 'vegetarian', not 'vegan' right? If so, I'd say a sunny side up on rice and lots of leaf mustard, green onions, chives, onions, black olives, green olives, fresh chopped garlic, and walnuts, a South African apple in season and an orange should do the trick. Oh, and before I forget, fried 'zhai' bee hoon (a kind of Chinese  noodle, 'zhai' means vegetarian).
  • squash and butter bean korma. 

    aka what i had for tea tonight. and there's some left over. :)
  • Imitation chicken rissole (tastes better than real chicken!).
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