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Love hurts

What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?

Answers (454)

  • A song today for those who have been broken and wounded...   

  • Mine is my best friend. Talking it out helps a lot

  • Acting like everything's ok  - NOPE
    Telling everyone you like someone else - NOPE
    Pretending you do not love this person - NOPE

    in my opinion there's only one way to mend a broken heart. 
    its TIME.

  • like a broken bone, if it's a clean break it seems to heal fairly quickly with the usual processes, but if it's a bad break, it never heals right, if at all. Seems every time mine gets broken, there are more walls and defenses built, making the next potential to happeness harder to find and let in.. I will say no matter how bad, having closure helps greatly.
  • Allow yourself to cry.

    Keep yourself busy: clean, redecorate, read, write, paint, draw, play video games, walk your dog, go out with friends, fill your days with stuff so that you fall asleep the moment you lie down and keep your dreams at bay.

    Don't demonize the one who hurt you. The longer you hold onto your grudge, the longer your heart will hurt whenever you hear their name or see their face.

    Let your friends love you.
  • lol i wouldnt know i had never been truely in love 
  • You just really have to go through the whole process of moving on and getting it over with.
    No easy way out.
    Embrace the pain, let it reign on you fully, get over it. :)

  • I've got to confess, I'm still trying to figure this one out myself.

    When my heart was broken, and i had to leave his home and re-enter my mums, i did what most others did. I mourned, i sobbed, and i stayed inside being miserable for a few weeks, cause my life had done a full circle and i couldn't see an improvement. But then i thought to myself. Surely keeping myself distracted will help? So that's what i did. I rang up and old school friend and asked if she was up to anything that i could join in on. Turned out she was a Friday-Nighter, and i rang on a Friday, so she told me to get ready, and come over to hers for a bottle of wine and then town. 

    We had a quick chat about how i was struggling and needed distractions and she understood, going through a separation with her husband herself. She said that was why she always went out on a Friday while he had their son. We ended up going to a nightclub where vodka and mixer only cost 99p and was open till 3.30am, so its safe to say i ended up getting rather too drunk to think about anything but the hangover the next morning. 

    This sort of thing happened for a while, every single Friday, the same cheap drinks, the same hangover, and the same friend keeping me distracted.

    It only went downhill when we met a couple of new faces, whom i'll call P and J, who introduced us to a new way of enjoying the weekend. I already knew about it of course, from my rebellious teenage years, but i'd never tried it to these lengths, and god it was fun for a while, my 21st birthday was amazing, but not to everybody's taste...apart from the bouncy castle of course. Nowadays, i cant do it, cause it makes me ill, and my anxiety kicks right off for weeks afterwards, so i've had to stop. But this means i'm back to having too much time to think, so the aching seems to have returned.

    I was always told it takes 2 weeks to mend a broken heart, the rest is just in your head, so maybe its not a broken heart i'm feeling, but loneliness because I've gone full circle again since ending the big weekends. I only hope i find a better distraction this time. I'm thinking about turning to fitness to keep me distracted. I know alot of people do it, so maybe it can work for me. I'll feel better about myself after doing it, and itll give me something to do when i get lonely, go for a run, or go to the gym. 
  • Well, actually i don't really know how to explain this. In my own experience, i didn't knew until now how did i fell in love with him. And apparently, i really don't know too why he fell out of love. In the first two weeks after we have broke up, i have a lot of crying. I've been too stress and in fact I have gained weight, because i eat much just to relive  from stress. I even walk like a zombie, and i forgot how to be happy. And i always listen to his favorite musics while viewing his photos and tears keep rolling into my face. Hah! and scouting to his profile was a thing that changes everything. I immune my self seeing his pictures, then i avoid seeing him and it goes like that on and on. Then one day i have realized that I am over him, but I am not hypocrite! because the things are so mare that even though iam over the LOVE thing for him, i don't want to talk to him anymore. If he approaches me why not? but if he dont its ok. But this broken blah! blah! blah! is just part of my LOVE history. And for this situation,HISTORY, WONT REPEAT IT SELF!I don't want to end up miserable because of that damn guy. Well if he probably reading this , I want to say that he is sucks!! and being a good girl scout, i knew that you already courting that woman before ending our relationship, or i must say that you are already on a relationship when you dump me. I am not bitter, I am just fair and better enough to say it to your face. You think your cool? You think your handsome? Well i think your skunk, yeah! its cute but it stinks!!!! LOL 

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