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Riddle me this

What is something that just doesn't make sense to you?

Answers (383)

  • I could write a book on this. For starters: 1. Why a customer would say they want a balance transfer to Chase from their U.S. Bank account when they actually want to do a balance transfer from Chase to their U.S. Bank account, and why my boss never could understand my confusion. To clarify, you can't take advantage of a 0% APR offer if you're using Chase to pay me. It doesn't make sense to call the company you're trying to pay off and ask for them to use the competitor's APR to pay the other balance. Does anybody else understand why I'd be confused, or am I just plain retarded? I guess nobody understands me. I got written up for this once. 2. Why my company has defective hold buttons on their phones, so they just mute people when they put them on hold. You'd think hold music would prevent them from hanging up before doing a payment. 3. Why GE claims to be imaginative, but makes cameras with regular AA batteries, and uses inefficient strategies to contact nonpaying customers. The only imaginative thing I've seen at work so far are the annoying security systems around the doorways, and the time clock you stick your hand into. Also, why they would want to get money from past due accounts and simultaneously not let you collect on accounts that are being worked by other contracted agencies that haven't gotten a payment from a customer who wants to pay me.
  • It doesn´t make sense that people with skills, very often, decides not to share their knowledge with the rest of us, even if it´s obvious we need it...
  • Many things don't make sense to me. Why often is the most sensible option never used? Why is one-third of the college football ranking system determined by 4 out of 6 computers? What the hell is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's problem with progressive rock bands? Why do we have hair in places we don't want it? Why does Bud Selig make victims out of umpires that make mistakes on baseball calls? Why are there extremists? Pick one of these.
  • Why do people think that others who are different from them deserve less than they do? Whether it's a different skin color, a different religion, a different body type, sexual preference, mental or physical ability, family style, financial level, etc etc etc, what makes one "better" rather than "better for me in my current situation"? I don't understand, how can anyone think that others are less deserving? I think actions are the only way to judge someone.
  • I don't even know where to begin with this question.

    From Calculus to self defeating behavior...to mean people, to me hurting other peoples feelings, awkward moments, stupid people, consequences to well intended actions, pets, not being selfish, privacy, double speak, subtext, prejudice, hatred, apathy, long winded authors, 2nd person POV, Athiests....

    I could go on for at least an hour, if not more.  There are so many things that don't make sense that I have to start wondering how much I need to just keep living and not worry about it.  I am open to learn and experience things that don't make sense in order to find some sort of sense.  Or maybe some things - like MC Escher or Salvidor Dali - aren't meant to make sense in order to cause expansion into the unknown or unforeseen possibilities

    Things that don't make sense can inspire a great many things within the imagination, you know.
  • Roaches, Palmetto (Water) Bugs, Oak roaches....Just Roaches in general. (I live in Florida, LOT OF THEM HERE) & I...just...hate them. Dead or Alive they freak me out (Frighten Me).  Plus I cannot fathon what the hell purpose they even serve.
  • the only thing that really makes sense is the idea that life doesn't make sense and probably never really will. and I'm okay with that.
  • Recoloring Sonic characters and claiming they're your own original character.

    I mean, usually people who do this are just little kids, but it's just not a good way to make a character unless you want to make something shitty and unoriginal.

    But I don't think we should be so harsh on the people who make those kinds of characters? If you try to be polite to them and encourage them to use more of their imagination for their characters then I think that's a better approach to make them better fans than being assholes to them.

    But I just don't like Sonic fancharacters period either way. They're way too boring for me.
  • love
  • How is it, that when we fall in love, that the universe revolves around that person, and when its over, we trash each other from one side of the universe to the other?  
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