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If you had your own reality show, what would it be called? What would it be about?

Answers (299)

  • Называлось бы "Курень". Курильщики марихуаны рассказывали бы смешные истории, хохоча до слёз и заражая своим хохотом телезрителей. Им бы тоже захотелось курнуть, но не всем можно, а только тем, кто не оргазмонаркоман.
  • Behind the Counter. It would be a behind the scenes reality show about Starbucks. Why? Because I work there and I think it would be super fucking interesting to see the inner workings of the backrooms. So much shit goes down. So much drama, so much entertainment. Also, it would be good for the rest of the world to see how shitty a customer they can really be, and how much shit barista's have to put up with daily, and act like it's not destroying their actual soul. I'd watch it.
  • If I had my own reality show it would be called Story of My Life, because I swear the most random things happen to me that I just begin to say that it's the story of my life whenever something out of the norm happens to me.. 
  • "A Dollar a Day" it would be about people who have to live off of a dollar a day. almost impossible to do in our times, but not completely...
  • "Intentional Nerd." Each episode would involve me doing something very, very nerdy in public and the reaction of other cast members or bystanders. That or "Stalking Alison Brie."

  • Well, my show will be security cameras. According to the setting, Sony effio can also divide into Sony Effio vandal proof and Waterproof Sony Effio camera, between them, the former is normal and widely used in many places and the latter is mixed and complicated than before one.
  • назваала бы я его "Тайны".... Суть была бы просто...раскрывать фрагменты покрытые для нас тайной... Люди должны владеть информацией...А не получать те жалкие частицы, которые дает нам "стеклянное телевидение"....
  • Minority Cultures: Asia
    Minority Cultures: Americas
    Minority Cultures: Africa
    Minority Cultures: Australia

  • LEMON PEEL: Top Gear meets the reality game show. Contestants who have never driven as race drivers are given a budget, must buy a used car (that is converted to race-worthy), and then compete against one another in a series of challenges with the machine they bought.
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