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Can't we all just get along?

What is one way to stop or prevent bullying?

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  • Стать самому хулиганом и задирой, это же очевидно!)) 
  • Having real, solid self confidence. Bullies pick on the 'weak' and most of the time it's just perceived weakness. If we raised our kids to truly, absolutely believe in themselves (not in an old pedophile in a dress, nor in the Giant Invisible My Buddy doll they preach), a LOT of the bullying in schools and life would vanish.
  • It cannot be an incentive, as bullying should never benefit the bully anytime and furthermore. Bullies and their parents should be educated to stop and prevent further bullying. Probably the best solution.
  • simply dont bully.

    most people have said or done things that could be classified as bullying.

    dont bully

    and thatll stop bullying.
  • To learn Kufu for self-defend.
  • I don't know how to react in this situation, since I never really experienced bullying in school. But if that were the case back then, what I can do is fight for what I think is right. Ask for the adult's help on how to stop bullying me, or consult them to something that will help me regain my status. We shouldn't let other people ruin our lives that's why if given the odds fight back and give all your best to survive. That's what I believe. 
  • расстрелять
  • перестать рожать детей.
  • отойти от концепции капиталистического общества потребления и конкуренции,
    создавать общество согласия и созидаания

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