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It’s just a game…

Do you pick truth or dare? Tell us why?

Answers (368)

  • DaRe, cuz that's just how i roll ;)
  • Truth. I'm too honest.

  • I'll pick truth cause I wanna know more about the person than what he can do ;)
  • I usually, and when I say usually I mean 99 times out of 100, pick Truth.  If I'm with people I trust absolutely, I'll do Dare, but otherwise, it's too risky, I guess.  I mean, one of the points of the game is to get people out of their comfort zones, and that's fine in itself, but things have a tendency to get a little far-fetched in Truth or Dare.  There are just some things I am not willing to do, and there's always the possibility that I'll be dared to do them.  And since the game's no fun if you could just back out whenever you want to, I would be expected to do whatever I'm dared to do.

    For a couple examples of things that dares tend to be like, and that I'm not willing to do, I'll pull from a friend's truth-or-dare experience, and some personal experiences.  My friends were playing ToD one day, and one girl picked Dare.  So, the dare was that she had to drink something, a mix of whatever another friend chose to put in it.  So, there was milk, grape jelly, mayonnaise, a masticated pickle as well as pickle juice, and a few other things like mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, paprika....  You get the idea.  She sipped it, but then she had to go vomit.  >.>  Anyway, I would flat out refuse to do anything that involved something gross like that.  I stomached a chocolate-chip cookie with sardines and baby food spinach on it, but that's about the extent of what I can handle.  Another example is the inappropriate stuff.  "I dare you to take off your shirt and run around the house three times screaming at the top of your lungs."  Yeah, right.  Not gonna happen.

    Truth can be equally uncomfortable at times, when people ask personal and probing questions, but you can always lie and pass it off as the truth, if it's something you absolutely cannot tolerate answering truthfully.

    On the whole, I don't usually play ToD with anyone other than people I know I can trust and have the same values as myself, so I know the game won't get taken too far.  It's a fun game for close friends, but can be very uncomfortable for anyone else.

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  • Growing up, I always picked truth for one very simple reason. I didn't think my friends were mature and I never liked the dare stuff that they picked. Looking back now, I know that it's because I never wanted to be humiliated just because my friends wanted me to do stupid shit. So you see, I was right about the stupid shit part, but I was wrong about how I initially felt about the stupid shit. :)
  • I choose truth. Why? Because I don't have guts to do any weird dares that may be thrown to me. And also, I don't think I'll ever recover from whatever dare I did if I ever made that choice. Or I'll choose dare and choose wether to do the dare or not do it. Yup, I'll do just that.
  • Truth -- because there are a lot more things I won't do than there are things I won't tell (if asked).
  • Usually truth, because I'm fascinated by what people want to know.
  • я не умею врать, поэтому второе
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