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Have you or a friend ever been bullied? How did you get through it?

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  • I was bullied all through high school (possibly earlier, but I don't remember much from those days). I guess you could say I "got through it" because I kept going to school every day, though I never really got over it. I never got stuffed into a locker or anything, thought I did get stuffed into a volleyball cage once (the ball holder). Bullying may not be the right word, but I was made fun of a lot and did a lot of people's math homework to not get bothered. You know what my 'best' friend's nickname was for me? Ugly. With friends like that, who needs enemies? I still really don't have friends. Heck, if I actually started making a bunch of friends at this point of my life, I think I'd be too scared I was gonna screw it up.
  • Yeah, I've been bullied a lot in middle school. The only way to get through it was simply through portraying my suffering in my art and writing, for it is only through suffering that people can ever grow.
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  • I know I was bullied through school, I knew I was socially not cool, and a lot of the bullying was either by them saying things about me behind my back or the isolation. How I got through it, well you can say I am still dealing with mental part of the bullying, but I guess I can say that after meeting my best friend, Camille and then my fiance and then finally finding myself through faith, knowing that God loves me and my quirky ways and problems. I know my brother and even my little sister have been bullied, I do not know how they handled it, but they do keep it to themselves, I now am trying to speak up.

  • I have been bullied before. It started with name calling. I was probally in first grade whenever it started. Not many people liked me for some reason. I guess I came off as weird and creepy. I had one friend that was practically my right hand from the time I started kidnergarten untill about sixth grade when we started to drift appart. She was the only one who made me feel human. Her name was Keri. She's my neighbor, and now that we're older, more mature, and attending the same school again- we've started rebuilding our long lost friendship.

    I had other people that I ocasionally talked too, but noone that I would had called a bestfriend. It was fifth grade whenever the name calling switched to fighting. An african american girl named Kayden was my worst enemy. She hated my guts and I never really knew why. Her and I class together. I remember how she'd stare at me with those cold eyes. Looking back now, I wonder if those eyes had a secret or two locked behind them. One day after school, myself among many others were going to the bus lot to head home; I remember wearing a frilly pink dress with flowers all over it, some pink heels, finalized with my circular glasses that I hardly ever took off. Minding my own business carying out my day, out of nowhere I feel a random shove at my back. When I turned around and noticed it was Kayden, I began to feel angry. She had told me sorry for shoving me, that it was an accident, I didn't belive her. I smart mouthed something to her, something most likely along the lines of "Sure" or "Yeah, whatever." Either way she didn't appriciate my lip and before I knew it she had slung me into a pole- I remember the way it stung once my back thrust against the metal. Afterwords I just fell to the ground- she began just punching away at the back of my head. Everyone stood around the two of us. They watched. They cheerd. And they laughed.

    Our parents were called, and we were driven home from the principle. I remember my parents telling me that I should always defend myself. It wasn't long after that, that I indeed was the one to take matters into my own hands. I went on to sixth grade, got bullied by few, but the real turn around point was when I transferd out of that particular school. I was finally away from all the people that bullied me, name called me, and laughed at me for not being the girl who stood up for herself.

    I repeated sixth grade at a charter school; not because I was dumb and failed, but because I had started to get into too much trouble at my other school. The charter school I was being placed in, only allowed a certain number of kids in per grade. There was no room for me in the seventh grade class, even still my mother refused to let me stay in public school.

    There was when it started. Have you ever heard of the saying 'If you're bullied, eventually you yourself will become the bully'? That saying is true. So very true, and i'm a prime example to proove it. At that point in my life, I didn't care anymore what people thought of me really. The people that walked the halls with me were no better than I was. None of them knew me, nor knew my story. I took advantage of peoples ignorance. I wanted them all to think I was -that- girl that noone messed with. If someone shot me a glance I didn't like, I was the first to push them into some lockers. By God if you ran your mouth to me, I'd get in your face and i'd tell you the way it was. There was onyl a handful of people at that school I didn't mess with in the least. Abigail Snook and Madison St' Clair were a few of them. Girls that I admired. At that school a strict three strikes or you're out bullying policy was enforced. I got to three strikes before my first year was over. After you get three strikes, you have to have a meeting with the school board, plead your case, then ask for permission to stay. At the time, I was the only one in the history of that school who had went to the school board and had permission to continue attending. I had the school principle and the school counsoler on my behalf; they knew the type of bullying history I had and after everything, still had enough faith in me to belive I'd suceed.

    Now i'm currently a junior in high school. I don't feel like an outcast must anymore, yet I still have that bully lying below the surface. Now I really do have that title where many people say 'she's not one of those girls to mess with'. Because of my boyfriend, I have lots of friends who are guys. They all understand and don't really complain whenever I punch them as a result of being angry. Being a bully isn't a good thing. Standing up for yourself isn't a bad thing. This is one of those situations where you'd have to find the balance within' yourself. I still struggle, and it all started with name calling. I manage better now than ever- and I can deal with the little things like dirty looks and even rumors; but in a way, I still feel as if I didn't handle the entire situation as maturely as I wanted. Despite the things I had to do just to get by.

  • Consistently. Telling a teacher or an adult. (I wasn't good at confrontations. Sometimes, I still am.)
  • Tell me about it! I have been bullied all my life; in kindergarten, grade school, junior high, in the mental hospital and the confirmation camp. I was also bullied in mental hospital, in almost every single of the wards I was in. Being bullied is kind of a permanent element in my life. ED!T: OMFG 1990th ENTRY!
  • I was bullied in primary school because of who my family are/were and the things they had done. The only thing I could do was endure it until I left. It was hard and harsh and I became scared of going to school, but it made me determined to never alow myself to be bullied again, and also to stop any bullying I came across, which I did.
  • Eheheh. (Forsees long post) Luckily, I've always lived in places where there was virtually no physical bullying, which is something I'm very grateful for, though I've sometimes taken for granted. Even now, I'm starting high school in Boulder, Colorado, at a school so anti-bullying they have a peace pole in the quad. But I can't say that I've never been subject to bullying. I think many people have. More so than we'd expect. It's not so much bullying, though, as just being picked on my entire life. I've alway been THAT kid. The loud one who's annoying and weird, and just such an easy target. I never had too many friends, although I've always been grateful for the ones I HAVE had, and they're always pretty amazing friends. But it wasn't until middle school that I started having a group, or even a few groups of people to hang out with. I get along very well with people NOW- I'm always nice and polite, and I like to compliment people- but in elementary school, I was sensitive (well, I still am ^.^;;) and short-tempered, and I think I was always subconsciously very angry that I wasn't well liked. I think my biggest turning point was when I liked a boy who was a grade younger than me, and even though we'd been kinda close at summer camp, he ignored me. After that, I was very heartbroken, but I started changing. That was around the same time my sister started doing drugs, too, so I had a lot of major family issues going on around me. Ultimately, though, it made me a better person. After all of that, I started to really change. I think both being rejected by a boy I was head-over-heels for and feeling like I had to make up for my sister- in addition to how I was incessantly teased- made me want to become a better person. And it was hard at first, because everyone still remembered me as the weird, quirky girl who cried and got mad over nothing. And it's taken me a long time to become a person I'm content with being, but I think all my life experiences- including being "bullied" and harassed- built and shaped me to be a better person, so I can't possibly say I regret it. It wasn't until this past summer that I realized how easy I've always had it. At summer camp, largely in contrast to school, I am very well liked and fairly popular. Since I truly love everyone there, it's easy to smile at everyone and ask how their days are, and help them if they ever seem upset. One girl who joined this year and was about my age was very quiet the entire semester. She rarely participated in group activities and never talked to anyone. To be honest, we were all under the impression that she hated us. Nevertheless, we all showed her our camper spirit and were always kind to her. On the last day of camp, everyone was allowed to make a speech. I was about the forth one in. my speech was about how, in school, I was a nobody. I was always picked on and teased and there were a few people there who really hated me. They literally couldn't believe it, at first. It was that speech that started to get everyone to cry. And then, to everyone's surprise, the quiet girl went up to talk, and she was crying. My friend Ben and I kind of turned to each other with inquisitive glances. She started talking about how she had always been physically harassed and called horrible names by everyone (she seemed to have gone to a pretty ghetto school in Hialeah.) She said that this summer was the happiest of her life, and she liked everyone here. I think hearing her story somehow gave me some sort of wake up call, and encouraged me to be the best possible person I could be.

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