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You’re perfect, now change

Would you change anything about your significant other? What would it be?

Answers (396)

  • I would never want to change anything that is in his appearance. But I hate when every morning I'm woken up to him sneezing his head off louder than shit and when I'm woken up during the night because he won't stop grinding the shit out of his teeth. 

    Also sometimes his personality gets to me... Mainly since we have been up here he's been listening to some bullshit radio station that is all about conspiracy theories and stuff... and he's been talking about that constantly and I'm sorry but I don't want to be paranoid and wondering if everyone is out to get me constantly. That's my dad. Not my thing. I worry, but I don't want to have to add this to it. 
  • Я бы убавила ревность и беспокойство за меня не имеющие никаких оснований
  • Вообще,я за то что бы любить друг друга такими как мы есть,но всё же...нет предела совершенству и я бы,в своем любимом человеке,изменила бы некоторый пессимистичный взгляд  на жизнь.
  • HAVING ONE. FML Don't get me wrong, being single isn't such a bad thing. But it's.. empty. At the end of the day, god forbid it be a terribly loooooooong day, you have no one to go home to. No one to confide in or comfort you like a significant other would. No one to be your other half. The glass is only half full or half empty..
  • Would I change anything about my boy?

    I'd like to be able to say no, and that everything is perfect, but not quite. :P
    There's only one major concern of mine, and that's the small fact that a lot of the time, he makes me feel like he doesn't have enough time for me.
    Five, six, seven hours... sometimes more... I'll have asked him a somewhat important question, or merely wondering if he's okay, and he will be so distracted for these HUGE periods of time that I won't hear from him at all. Not a word.

    Granted, a lot of the time, he's at work and work gets busy.
    But not even thirty seconds for a "Hey, sorry I can't talk, things are crazy, I'm ok. xo" text would be more than enough.

    I told him it bothers me, he said he's gonna change.
    I really hope it does change, but I'd still rather deal with the hurt and worry than let him go if it doesn't end up changing after all.

  • I wouldn't change a damn thing! I love the way my girlfriend is. she is perfect in my eyes. :D
  • Honestly, no. I love Jon for who he is. Over the course of our relationship, our interests and appearances have changed, and it's all great because no matter what, I love him for him.
  • There is one thing I'd like to change about my significant other, if I actually can, and that is making him open up and express how he really feels about me. We've been together for over a year now, and he's never made an attempt to hug or kiss me, or even hold hands. He's told me that he did all of these things and much more with his ex, who treated him like crap. He even wants to go to a mall in the town where she lives. She once worked at a department store there. I enjoy going to that mall, and am willing to go with him, but whenever i actually want to go there, he doesn't want to go all of a sudden. I'm not suspecting him of cheating, but at the same time, I am suspecting him of cheating. I just wish that he will really open up his feelings and tell me how he really feels about me, and if he's really willing to continue this relationship.
  • Для начала просто наличие этой второй половинки... 
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