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Scary movie

What is the scariest horror flick you’ve seen?

Answers (749)

  • «Прикосновение»
  • Twin peaks...
  • Definitely The Exorcist. O_O The part where she crawls down the stairs bent over backwards? Bone chilling... 
  • The original Amityville Horror. I saw the new one before the old one, and while I was watching it, I was fairly bored. But I heard through forums and such that the original is crazy scary. So Dylan and I rented it. OH MY GOD I have NEVER truly been scared by a movie before and that one had me clutching my boyfriend's arm and hiding my face. :D --Kiki
  • One of the scariest movies I've seen is Saw six. Its pretty gorey but its a great scary movie.

  • В детстве Карлик Нос (ГДР), позже Квартирант ( Поланкий 1976), Звонок (Япония) Сияние ( Кубрик)
  • I wouldn't know that. I love horror flicks. They all make me laugh so none of them really make me scared at all.
  • Звонок 1 и 2 ) было страшновато, если смотреть в полной темноте и  Паранормальное явление 1 и 2 ( в конце) очень даже верить начинаешь, если смотришь в темноте и полнейшей тишине )) буууууууууууууу

  • No, I haven't vanished from the face of the Earth. I am still alive and kicking, last months just have been interesting.
    And lately I have had all kinds nice side effects of autumn... and now my asthma has gotten worse. Maybe I even get back to work someday...



    The original (Hong Kong/ Singapore) The Eye and The Eye II.
    Even old horror flick lover like myself find these ones really scary... there aren't blood and guts like in Hollywood flicks, but to me gore has never been scary in horror. What is scary is what you don't see.
  • I'd have to say when I was a child I was terrified of Polterguist. I don't remember if it was the first one all I remember is Cain and there were a shit ton of mirrors. Then there was this really creepy statue thing of some really scrawny guy almost skeletal and like those art pieces you see from some era. It's face was creepy as fuck. I remember we were watching it at my friends sleepover and everyone was making fun of me because i was "closing my eyes" ... but thing is I cover my eyes but watch between my fingers. So they made me watch it again in the morning before our parents came. So I was just plain petrified and couldnt sleep for the longest time without a nightlight being on. 

    There was some movie I saw a couple years ago that tripped me out too. But I like scary movies now. But that one... everytime I'm alone and it gets dark there is this image of some weird thing that was crawling on the ceiling in the movie and it's face was all demonic and distorted. That's all I can imagine when I'm alone now. But it's funny when you make yourself jump.
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