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Do you feel lucky?

Are you superstitious? Do you have any customs or special rituals that you perform for good luck?

Answers (379)

  • Дяяя!!
  • It is just a kind of belief. When you believer it, you wil gain a lot of confidence from there. If you don't believe it , it means you are confident encough. Just a good faith for our heart.

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  • Yes, im totally superstitious. There is alot of different things i do like....
    -never hand a person a pair of scissors hand to hand, because its bad luck
    -never spill salt

    i have more but my brain is so dead right now....
  • Not at all ... Superstition is for people to give easy answers to difficult  question
  • I don't believe in them but my husband does. I let him be, I don't make fun of his superstitions, everyone can believe what he/she wants.
  • Of course I'm not superstitious. I was born on Friday the 13th. It's good luck for me. And so are black cats, for that matter... one of my friends has two.
  • В детстве были свои ритуалы,даже какие-то рудименты религии... Общепринятые суеверия я игнорирую.И вообще,очень понравилось высказывание старца Амвросия"не верь в приметы,не будут сбываться". Однако,заметила что некоторые распространенные приметы сбываются с точностью до наоборот: если бросила монетку,какая-то сила меня туда не пускает(или просто туда не тянет), если я встречаю с человеком Новый год,то ссора,расставаниеобеспечены
  • I'm not sure that I believe in luck anymore. In my mind, if it's meant to be and it's supposed to happen, then it will. If it isn't meant to be, it will not. It has nothing to do with luck. However, there are still a few things that I am "supersitious" about. Walking under ladders, breaking mirriors, and Friday the 13th are just a few examples.
  • Oh yes, I'm VERY superstitious. I follow all the old superstitions conerning good luck and averting the Evil Eye. From knocking on wood, crossing fingers, 3 pinches of spilled salt, making a wish out loud three times (which always works BTW), you name it - I do it.

    The only 2 superstitions that I do NOT believe in are the ones concering Friday the 13th and the negative supersitions about black cats. Both are total B.S.!

  • Не суеверен. Но стараюсь никогда не начинать дела, пока не буду уверен в успехе. А по сути - пока не подготовлюсь как следует к его осуществлению, не продумаю на два-три хода вперед
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