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Friends 4 ever

Do you have a best friend? How old is your friendship?

Answers (652)

  • Сестра))) Мы близнецы и дружим с пеленок))) 
  • (The image for this is ADORABLE) 12 1/2 (which, considering there were only 5 years in both of our lives we didn't know each other- I think its impressive) years is how long I've known my best friend. Even after multiple moves have pulled us farther and farther apart distance wise we have only been growing closer and closer in each others' hearts UwU
  • с возрастом к понятию дружба возникают вопросы
  • I forgot to mention I really like Sungyeol. He's like rapidly climbing up my bias list. First is Dara, then SungMin, then Sungyeol, even tho I like just discovered infinite a month ago- or two I don't remember even when I got into Kpop which is earlier this year... Hmm..
    Anyway, Sungyeol is so wonderful. He may not get a lot of parts in the songs, but that doesn't limit his awesomeness does it? And I think I'm the only one who thinks this but I believe Sungyeol is the fourth best dancer after Hoya, Dongwoo and Woohyun. I heard that he takes longer to learn the steps, but the end product is dskd;skdkgjdd;hsdzk'. Like I'm thouroughly impressed when he dances on stage. When L dances - no offense L fans - but he looks awkward, like he doesn't like dancing or something... But OF COURSE that's just me. Only me.
    And you know SungJong looks good when he dances, and is kinda skilled in that area. Sunggyu just... dances. He puts effort tho!
    Ohyeah... SUNGYEOL'S VOICE ROCKS THE WORLD! It's very cool. It's breathy sometimes when he sings, because I guess he isn't confident or sumthin'.. Yeah and when he talks, I can't really place if it's deep, well it's deep, but I never know exactly where it is... He changes octaves a lot. Aish, that choding.
    Well Okay, I'm going to come back later and see as much of livejournal as I can. When I finish all my homeworkk... 

  • Megan is as close as a best friend that I have right now, and she lives 600 miles away and we don't talk all that often. We've been friends for maybe 2 years, though.
  • Это очень сложный вопрос
  • У меня больше его нет - лучшего друга. Он погиб тогда, когда один долбанутый католик предсказывал конец света - 21-го мая 2011 года... 20-го числа я позвонил ему - и в разговоре сказал: "Знаешь, а ведь завтра конец света предсказывают. Было бы неплохо встретиться,  выпить - перед тем, как всё закончится..." Но мы не успели. всё закончилось. Он погиб - его сбила машина. Мы были лучшими друзьями, друг другу помогали - почти 8 лет... И хоть я много раз говорил, что дорожу дружбой с ним, мне кажется, что много чего ещё не сказано,
    Для меня смерть лучшего друга - это и есть самый настоящий конец света.
    Берегите друзей, и не забывайте говорить им, как Вы их цените. .
  • Ammm... 10 years! ^^ We've known each other since we were 5 !
  • I proud to say I do have best friend. ^_^ We met on out first year of junior high. And we're best friend for 13 almost 14 years since then. I love her!! xD
  • Дружим с 9 класса. Точно знаю, что не подведет. Верю на 100%.

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