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Which is your favorite or least favorite comic book-turned-movie?

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  • малыш, с каких времен эта запись не могу найти))
  • blade or spiderman
  • I think my favourite is The Silver Surfer. man he is so cool.
  • I admit that I didn't read Marvel or DC Comics when I was a kid. But my two favorite movie series of comic book series are Batman and X-Men.
  • Watchmen
  • "Captain America: The First Avenger" Mostly, because the casting choice for Captain America/Steve Rogers was perfect. Dressed in a uniform, he looked just like the young everyman American G.I. from World War 2 which is exactly the way that the comic books try to portray Steve: just another kid from Brooklyn that happens to be a supersoldier.
  • BATMAN! I hate bats so much but Batman makes those flying rats likeable!
  • I'm a huge X-Men fan. That's why it pains me to say that the movies would be my least favorite. They messed them up too much to truly enjoy them. I didn't like the messed up storylines or the character time-line (who was introduced first and so on). It was all these little things that they didn't go by that really annoys me.

    Favorite comic book movie would probably be the Hellboy duo and the Iron Man duo. Always loved Hellboy and damn, Robert Downey Jr. is fiiiinnne as Tony Stark ;)
  • Since dragon ball was originally a manga this counts: DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION SHOULD BE ERASED FROM HISTORY!!! "least favorite" doesn't even begin to describe the negativity I feel towards that abomination >_< SOOOOOOOOO many freaking things wrong with it 1. I can get over goku being a "teenager" (guy that played him def wasnt) but him being in high school is just WRONG 2. His grandfather was alive... it's just too different from the original 3. Chi chi was a total... girl...wtf, like she looked like she was completely decked out in forever21 clothes the whole movie -_- 4. Picolo had a ho ?.? 5. Goku's monkey/ape transformation was pathetic like i don't think he was even half the size of the real one 6. Yamcha looked hella old and sounded like an idiot 7. Bulma had a blue streak of hair....just a streak... 8. Goku only ate once throughout the whole movie and it wasn't even that much 9. Master roshi's house was in some weird fake wannabe "island" in the middle of the city 10. Master Roshi wasn't a pervert... sounds weird to complain about this but that's part of his true character and it's such a big part too 11. WTF WAS WITH THAT KAMEHAMEHA?!?! I understand the sound was going in and out in the theater chibi and I watched it in but that doesn't excuse the weird interpretive dance looking motions that they did instead of the real motions or the fact that it didn't look anywhere as cool as the real one did 12. Imma complain about the high school thing again cuz it's seriously just so wrong >___<' i even hated it when in the actual anime gohan went to high school -_- it completely changed him *sigh* Anyways, that was total crap -hiiriken LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at hiiriken, but I have to agree with that entire rant. That was a horribly crap movie v.v My favorite manga-turned-movie is Gantz. Didn't read the manga, but from what I've read from other people online it was the best manga-turned-movie so far. Still waiting to watch the sequel >_< This doesn't really have much to do with the question, but my favorite manga-turned-drama is Hana Yori Dango XD Freaking love it. Never actually read the manga cuz the drawing was sooooooooooooooo VERY horrible v.v but I wanted to read it cuz the summary sounded AMAZING. So glad I found the drama with Matsujun and Shun. I tried watching the Korean version, but the furthest I could get was like the 10th episode and then I completely gave up cuz it was pretty bad although Korea seemed to like it... but Korea tends to like a lot of dramas I don't find appealing at all v.v -chibi
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