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Jumped the shark

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?

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  • For the most part, sitcoms and cartoons come to mind. I think South Park should have been canceled after Chef left the show. The Simpsons should have been canceled after the 100th episode or somewhere afterwards, because now it's getting really stupid. Two and A Half Men I never liked, and now it's horrendous. The show was Charlie Sheen, and now it's running off of nothing but reheated reconstituted Sheen leftovers. Stargate SG1 should have stopped before it got to Atlantis, and in my opinion shouldn't have even become SG1. The film was good on its own and they should have left it that way. Eureka needs to stop. It's had its run, and now it's gotten stale. I never understood the appeal of Torchwood, so I really don't know why it's been on so long, except for the gay stuff and the sex, which isn't a good reason to keep any show on. I would have preferred Sarah Jane Adventures to stay on instead, but I guess now you'd have to hold a seance to do that. That new NCIS with that old lady really sucks. The characters are too goofy, not military-like at all (It's a Navy outfit! Hello!). I like the old lady, but the other characters need a huge overhaul. It's just plain stupid half the time. That was a huge shark jump. So was CSI New York and CSI Miami. Replace the good, interesting characters with a bunch of guys that act like they're cool and really have no personality, or act like jerks. Weak. I'm waiting for a writer's block about how games have jumped the shark. Harvest Moon and its imitators need to stop. Really. Anyone that's had any experience with back breaking yard work will have great difficulty explaining the success of this franchise. I just dug out a huge rut in my yard, pulled weeds, and broke up rocks with a pickaxe, and now I'm going to play a game about it?
  • Two and a Half Men. Whenever I catch a little of it on tv, all the episodes seem to recycle the same plot. There doesn't seem to be much more that they can do with this show.
  • The following shows shouldn't have ever existed in the first place and should be binned at once: X Factor Big Brother I’m a celebrity, get me out of here. …and every other mind numbing reality television show not listed above. They are rock bottom to start with so it’s hard to make them any worse. I am particularly allergic to X Factor… It sends out the wrong message: that being a star is the most important thing in life, more important than being a good friend, partner or parent. It’s so capitalist and shallow that seeing just a few minutes makes me feel quite ill. =/ Actually, shows such as X Factor have been found to be psychologically damaging. Diana (my counsellor) ended up talking about the various studies on reality television a few months back, and how these worthless shows demises our capability for empathy! I think the conversation came about because I was talking about how I am fussy in my choice of friends and I can’t bear any talk of X Factor or The Apprentice, etc.
  • GLEE!
  • Дом2
  • If it was last year would say Entourage but this year it turned around & simply is delightful 
  • Ok, I'm still trying to figure this out. Steve Carell left the television series THE OFFICE. So here we are waiting for almost twenty-two episodes to find out how Steve Carell is going to leave the show. The fictional character of Michael Scott is married and leaves for Denver, Colorado. So far, so good. Then Will Ferrell shows up as Deangelo Vickers. She is promoted as Michael Scott's replacement only to be removed from the show after only four episodes. Only one out of four episodes wasn't spent playing sidekick to Michael Scott. Then we're promised a more permenent replacement for the fictional character of Michael Scott. Now James Spader as Robert California is promoted as a more permenent replacement for Michael Scott. When I say that, what I meant was that he's CEO instead of office manager. When I say that, what I meant was that he's only a guest star for fifteen episodes and doesn't spend ninty-five percent of which playing sidekick to the person he's supposed to be a replacement for. When I say that, what I meant was that he doesn't die after being bludgeoned to death while playing basketball (Don't ask). So is there a more permenent replacement for Michael Scott or is NBC stuck remaking the seventh season of the USA version of THE OFFICE over and over again before we realize that there is no permenent replacement for Steve Carell as Michael Scott. Does that qualify as career suicide for a television show?
  • Everything on MTV. You know WHY it's called MTV? Because, believe it or not, it actually had MUSIC on there! Mindblowing, I know. And better yet, it was ACTUAL music! They should just call it CRTV now; Crappy Reality Television. You know your network is stupid and about to die when they run a show called "16 and Pregnant". This picture shows pretty much what I'm talking about:

    Go humans.
  • Well let's see... American Idol Lost America's Next Top Model Two and a Half Men Degrassi (But I hope it never gets cancelled. I also sincerely think that they will never stop making more of them.) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (It's the same thing every. Single. Episode. It gets old. With regular old Extreme Makeover, at least there was some variety and interesting surgeries. Whatever happened to that show?) I need some new userpics. Hmmm....
  • God, so many are like that, I can't even pick one. Here's a bunch Lost- finished South Park Spongebob** Naruto.. DBZ Family Guy etc etc.. American tv sucks :/
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