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What are you studying or did you study in school? Is it related to what you want to do for your career?

Answers (423)

  • В универе училась умению думать, получать знания и применять их. Ну и физике, конечно, и остальному понемножку.  Пригодилось и продолжает пригождаться.
  • I was studied in Communication of Arts faculty and yeah, it's relate to what I want to do. ^^
  • da
  • I'm just taking the basics until I can figure out which path I want to take. If I can master mathematics I'd like to pursue architectural engineering with a minor in agriculture. If I remain abysmal at math I'll be going in a much different direction. We'll see!
  • I studied Information Systems in college. My current job has nothing to do with my course of study.
    I actually want to be a party planner (NOT an events manager. A party planner) but due to some BS issues, I am now stuck in this line.
    I really hope to do something which is related to communications.
  • I am actually looking to go back to school. This time, I'll be taking something I really like and am passionate about. Before, I took Mass Communications, a short stint in Anthropology, and lastly, Library and Information Studies. I liked all of them, some considerably less than the others but I did well enough in all of them. I enjoyed Anthropology and learned a whole lot in LIS. But... I got admitted to arguably - fuck that - THE BEST academic institution in the Philippines but it did not carry the program I really liked. Criminal Justice/Forensic Science. That's why I tried out Anthropology (and probably Sociology too if things were different). They have a Forensic Anthro course. But alas, priority were given to Freshmen so they ran out of slots. This time around, there is a school which is relatively close to where I live and I can actually afford that offers a straight up Criminal Justice course. :) Hopefully, I can get my affairs in order and go back to studying. I've been directionless and idle for so damn long.
  • In college I've studied how to find defects in materials but, even if I loved it, now I'm working with my husband, we have our own firm and we're specialized in SEO but we are doing sites development too.
  • I am studying Sociology. I feel that sociology has to do with life and dealing with your self and other people. Since I want to work with/for others, yes, what I am studying will help me understand myself and others in most contexts. =]
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