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Just a perfect day

Describe the best day you’ve ever had. What made it so good?

Answers (316)

  • 16 октября какого-то там года) Любовь сделала его идеальным. Встретилась с кем хотела и полюбиила так что прям уж навсегда!
  • Таких дней было несколько. Один из них - 18 августа 2001 года - тот день, когда я осознал первую любовь.
  • walking down the beach because I love to appreciate the mother nature
  • The best day probably came from the night I saw my favorite band Genesis in concert in 2007. I'm thankful that they did one more tour, playing classics and hits, and Phil Collins entertaining every way possible. I would see them again if they toured again, but seeing them live at least once was a true blessing. :)

  • A perfect day for me is every single day. Waking up each morning is the start of the term 'Good'. Seeing my crazy sister face makes it perfect. Doing the same thing everyday is boring but it feels right. Before going to bed, fighting with my sister and come up with all nonsense so that we can no need sleep at night so we don't have to be stress about being scared of the dark. 

    But what would make it better is seeing Kame. Hahaha! That would be the best day of my life.

  • well , the best day i ever had is the day i realise my dream ... as in , i am interested in something and i wish to learn how to bake cake and become a pastry chef . however , i need to attend a coking school in order to do that . :(

  • Today is always the best day I've ever had, because I'm alive and I'm moving along and doing me.

    In all seriousness, I don't think I could pick one specific day in my past that was the 'best day ever'.
    Many days in China have made their way to the top, just because of all the things I was able to see.
    But also, simple days are great too, when I get to meet new people and spend time with those I care about.
    Making kids smile always makes each day the best day.

  • Ответила на этот вопрос один раз, теперь он высвечивается при каждом посещении ЖЖ. И каждый раз хочется ответить, что самый идеальный день - это СЕГОДНЯ! Что сделало его таким? А то, что я просто счастлива и получаю удовольствие от каждого мига приключения под названием жизнь на этой чудесной планете! :)))
  • Ммм, каждый день чем-то значим, чем-то наполнен. И я считаю, что самый лучший день длиться не один день, он может длиться несколько лет, должен. Однозначно. Так и получается. Прекрасно. :)
  • The best day I ever had? Well, it was also tied for worst day ever, along with the day he just got up and left. But I'm not going to think about that. Anyway, the best day of my life... Yeah, Scor just showed up out of nowhere, and at first he was yelling at me, but then he said he missed me... It was sort of adorable... Still, I was all "NO. You're NOT getting me back." Anyway, we talked for a bit... And he wants me to move in with him (I won't), but... We're back together now... Sort of. It was amazing.
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