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Look into my crystal ball

Where do you see yourself in five years or where don’t you see yourself? Why?

Answers (432)

  • I see myself happily living the life of my dreams in Marin County or Kauai.

  • from a fashion standpoint, i would hope to be still evolving.  i'd love to still have some key pieces and most of my shoe collection, although if i have children by that point my feet might be a different size.  it's one thing to try and predict fashion for 6 months from now, but 5 years?  that's a bit much. 

    on a personal note, i would hope to be married by 31, possibly with a child.  i'd also like to not be living in my parents' house and have a full time job.  normal things, really.  i don't need to be famous or crazy rich or a size zero, i just want 'typical' life.  friends, husband, kids, pets, job... yes.
  • I believe in five years I will still see myself in mirrors. Despite the rather rapid constant evolution of the digital age I believe that mirrors will remain intact as they always have been, low tech reflective panes of glass. It may be a lack of mental innovation or goal orientation on my part that brings me to such an opinion. I may simply be blind to the uncharted depths of a mirrors potential to be more than a mere looking glass. My sights may simply be incapable of seeing beyond the looking glass at the rich and varied future these present day panes have in store. However, I retain a conservative amount of disbelief that apple will be releasing an I mirror 4.3. Whatever at any time in the next five years. I also, to maintain a fair view, estimate that I have the potential to come across my own image in other mediums such as on film or camera, in videos, or a wanted poster. This being an attempt at a full scope in the way I think I here find these things as necessary to mention as such. And thusly! I have not the time nor the battery life to list the places I don't see myself in five years ( some examples being a balled up piece of paper, a chili dog, or a wad of damp towels). I can only venture to note that were it specified whether the sight of ones self is literal or indicative to a familiarity recognized personally between an object and myself I think I'm able to sAy the such a specification would certainly shorten the list and make it more reasonable to physically list. In conclusion I most assuredly attest that no matter what in five years I will never see me with my eyes shut. That is all.

  • I see myself in Japan and i don't see myself as a pathetic loser!

  • In 5 years I see myself in school working towards the education I want to work as a wildlife vet. I do see myself with Ashley still. I don't see myself living out of the state of Alabama. Why? I see myself school because I have worked so hard to get in. I see myself with Ashley because I love her. I see myself in Alabama because of the school program here being so great.

  • I see myself living abroad somewhere and still not in relationship yet. LMAO

  • In five years I will be almost 26...
    I see myself settling down in Michigan somewhere. I may or may not have met a guy and I may or may not have already had a child.
    However, if I do go through with this wanting to be a teacher dream, then I definitely see myself teaching, or still going to school.
    The one place I don't see myself is living with my parents, and I probably won't be living in Saginaw.
    I know those two things because I have waited this long to move out, that when I graduate and go on to do better things, I want to break free, I want to finally be independent. I also want to make new memories outside of the place that I grew up.
    I want to explore a bit, I want a new home.

  • I don't see myself anywhere in 5 years. I keep trying to look at what wonders I can come up with but I keep hitting a mental block. In high school, I would see myself everywhere; but once life got real, I feel frozen. My dreams stood still, and I've grown worried of everything. I guess I just have trouble committing to such ideas. 

  • I really don't see myself anywhere, all I know is god is the that will guide my path.

  • Where do I see myself five years from now -- That would be probably an easy question because I plan my life. Well simple answer should follow: I'm still studying by that time. (2nd bachelor course) I'm enjoying myself to study because I thirst for knowledge. Well, I wanted to work but I don't think I can give up my studies that easy. I want to explore more things, I want to learn new experiences. Work can wait but study can't. LOL. 
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