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What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Was it any good?

Answers (595)

  • Um, bugs? I don't know what it called but in Thai it called 'แมงดานา'. I kinda like it. :)

  • Fried bananas at a cousin's house, which wasn't that bad.

  • I've never eaten anything crazy but my friends, though, in 7th grade ate grass. They said it was delicious. Guess I'll never know what it was like.

  • Eel sushi. It was...chewy.
  • Well they're not really weird for me but I can see how they'd be weird to other people: ox tail and cow tongue. Ox tail I love and cow tongue i like but I usually can only finish like half a serving cuz then I start imagining an actual tongue and I get a little freaked out. Oh and I had chicken heart once cuz my cousin insisted it was gonna taste great... it wasn't horrible but...it was chewy... it just felt weird... Oh and I know this isn't necessarily weird but omfg skittles gum is hella weird. Well, maybe frustrating is a better word... See, it tastes just like skittles like when you put a bunch in your mouth then they mush together into a clump but then kinda dissolve and you can swallow it except with the gum you just keep waiting for the dissolve but it never comes, and it shouldn't since it is, after all, gum. BUT IT TASTES SO MUCH LIKE FREAKIN SKITTLES!!!!! >_< like it even has the same texture >_< BUT IT WONT DISSOLVE!!!! *sigh* it's horrible -hiiriken

  • Weirdest thing I've ever eaten was to eat a frog :) Okay, so when I was a kid I hate frogs the brown and the green slimy ones you get to see when there's a rain they will pop out coming from nowhere then you're scared because you feel like they're going to jump over you. That's yucky. I was in great shock when I tasted fried frogs it was actually good. The taste is more like of a chicken, better than a chicken I mean. It's really delicious once you tasted it you'll never stop especially those legs so good and yummy. And that's when I've finished the whole thing. It looks weird but once you open your taste buds into an extraordinary thing you'll get addicted to it :) 

  • deep fired bananas. friggin amazing

  • Uhmmmm,  scorpion.
    Yes, it tasted like potato chips.... snake on the other hand, was nasty (the way I ate it)
  • Weirdest tasting was some dish with buffalo mozzarella. Bad. Once someone gave me two hash brownies and didn't tell me what they were. My feet had trouble reaching the ground for a while. And steak and kidney pie, which was good.

  • Dog biscuits. Surprisingly some taste similar to digestives. :D
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