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Which is your favorite classic Beatles’ song, and why?

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  • Yesterday is my favorite, and well the answer for "why" it is, simply is "because it's the first that ALWAYS comes to my head when somebody says Beatles."
    the songs that come to me after that are "Drive my Car", "All You Need is Love", and "Yellow Submarine".

  • Here there and everywhere.
    Потому что это песня Пола. Потому что Пола я безмерно люблю :)
    И потому что от нее веет спокойным счастьем.

  • Most Rock & Rock in 50-60s bands had there influence in Blues thanks to Elvis Influence . Beatles was one such band that being said most of myt Beatles faves are from Buble Gum Pop Era before there destined meeting with Dylan . But my favorite track musically speaking is there electric jazz/ blues number Get Back (http://youtu.be/pdBnNzQz67A)
  • I love eleanor rigby. just thinking about all of the people alone in the world, it's just a crazy thing.

  • Mine, I think, is "I wanna Hold Your Hand', because, though I'll admit I'm not a HUGE Beatles fan like I know so many are, I liked that one. It's cutesy, and not ridiculous.
  • "Yellow Submarine" - патамушта Ринго!!! :)
  • Моя - "My guitar". :)
  • "With a Little Help from My Friends." Simple, catchy, and sung by the drummer Ringo Starr. Plus the fact that I played this via guitar in music class back in middle school. :)

  •  My Father's grey truck blended into the landscape as it crawled over the San Sebastian bridge.

     The traffic had transformed a fifteen minute errand into a half hour excursion.  

     I was buckled into the passenger seat, a bruise weaving pain into my shin.

     I was in the middle of middle school. 

     A soon to be teenager, high on my own idealism.

     The weather, the traffic, nor the injury deterred my optimism.

     "If this was the present," I thought to myself "my future HAD to be better."

     The radio stumbled onto "Eleanor Rigby" and I was catapulted into Beatlemania.

     A love for the Beatle's Music initiated me into a love for self-expression and a love for myself.   

    I read voraciously,
    wrote prolifically, 
    and diligently practiced
    music and drama.

     However, eventually,

    I could not hit the right note,

     in music, acting or writing. 

    An infestation of self-loathing

    rotted away any talent. 

    I became possessed by insecurities,

    and slaughtered my beloved ideas, dreams and optimism.

    When I hear "Eleanor Rigby" I am reminded of an era when I thrived to the rhythm of hope.

  • "Yellow Submarine"

    Listening to it makes my happy.
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