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Horrible bosses

Who was the worst boss you’ve ever had? Did you ever get your revenge?

Answers (377)

  • A lady named Jan was the worst boss I've had as of yet (this includes like maybe a total of 8 bosses at 4 different jobs).
    However, once she stepped down and did something else, then came back and was just a cook as opposed to a supervisor, 
    my coworkers and I all appreciated her for her kindness and we saw her differently.
    So no, no revenge =]

    Sometimes getting even isn't important when it comes to a fellow human, sometimes all they need is some time and they'll come around.

  • dr. eggman.

    he was an ASSHOLE.

    every time i didn't make that tps report, he would get out that big fucking ball on a chain and hit me with it and i would lose all my rings. :(
  • I've had my fair share of shitty bosses, and I've never actually gone out of my way to exact revenge. Usually I'll just file a complaint or quit without notice (I guess that's my form of revenge). Quite frankly the last place I worked at I had 5-6 bosses. The majority I would get along great with, and be their "go to" guy. That is, until they got transferred and got new ones. It wasn't until then I had to deal with a smug, arrogant son of a bitch. So one day he ran his mouth off and was being disrespectful to me all day during my shift,even in front of customers. So eventually I got tired of it and yelled and swore back like a sailor. He was taken aback and knew then, I wasn't gonna take shit from a 2-bit assistant manager. The following week, all was quiet. I wasn't going to report the incident since I'm not a rat. Live and let live. However, he felt he needed to, so by the end of the week, I was called into the office and was suspended then fired. So me and my buddies egged the shit out of his car, and he got fired a few weeks later, due to my written statement and his lack of respect for other employees. Not even the unemployment I got from it all satisfied it...It wasn't the problem with the company, in fact it was one of the best and fun jobs I've had for what it was. No, it was that arrogant asshole whom I wanted his head. In which I got in the end.
  • My worst boss was at my last job, which was working for an upscale semi-private golf course/country club. I shall keep him anonymous. This horrible boss was two steps over me, but he always felt the need to throw around his authority whenever it wasn't necessary. I am convinced He did not like me, and went out of his way to make my life a living Hell on a regular basis. He made us vacuum the golf shop, even though we had people who were paid to clean and vacuum, forced us to stay late, while he would leave at 6 pm, make us watch Sportscenter all day (which is only tolerable for the first hour you watch it...try twelve looooong hours!!!). And constantly questioned my very sound judgment at every turn. He was also smug. He also threatened to take away our commission for not selling enough ugly and overpriced shirts. In short, my boss was reminiscent of Kevin Spacey in "Horrible Bosses.". I knew exactly how Jason Bateman felt throughout the movie. And no, I never took revenge on him, though leaving the job in the middle of a seasonal layoff without the need to give notice, causing him to panic about the upcoming season and staffing was better revenge than anything else. He now does this golf segment on my local NBC station, and I know that he is now someone else's problem. Oh, and by the way, go see "Horrible Bosses," it is definitely one of the funniest film I have seen in a few years!
  • My current boss can be bad at times because she does like to gossip. Plus she doesn't take a stand when there's a select few people that get to run around and talk to other workers how they want. Thankfully, I've learned to let it go in one ear and out the other because becoming angry doesn't help things. It's nice when they're trying to piss you off only to disappoint them. But she had schedule me to every other weekend this past year when I was in school. I didn't call to go back to work; I waited for her to call me because I knew it would happen. But the atmosphere is so much different there now. But I know the ugly. It's always in the back of my mind. Would I ever get revenge? Depends on what happens. My revenge would probably be something that's so nice that they wouldn't know that I'm getting them back until it's late in the game.

  •  Плохих начальников за время долгой работы было хоть отбавляй. Но мстить, человеку уверенному в своих знаниях  , полное безумие. Чаще всего плоды  безграмотности или некомпетентности возвращаются к нему как "бумеранг". Главное, постараться не нести ответственность за чужое руководство.

  • I once published an article (reprints available on request) about working with three different people who each had a horrible reputation, and each became a good friend.

    Then there were the rip-off massage therapists who joined a barter club, didn't pay up, and motivated a friend and me to become massage therapists (on the grounds that we couldn't be worse rip-offs than they were). Paid the bills for many years!

    And THEN there was the Associated Content scam. AC used to be a great e-publisher, but after selling out to Yahoo it became a scam.

  • Yes, I quit. That was the best revenge ever.

  • Страх.
    да, отомстила!:))))
    Пригласила Совершенную Любовь, она его изгнала:))))))))))))
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