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Let freedom ring

How do you celebrate Independence Day in your country?

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  • I take a plane trip to Washington D.C. to salute the flag at the Washington Monument, then I watch the fireworks show, listen to speeches about our country's Independence, drink beer and eat hot dogs and hamburgers cooked over the grill. Just kidding. I actually put on rubber underwear filled with whipped cream and salute a banana.

  • We don't celebrate our Independence day here ^_^'
  • We have a picnic in the park and watch the fireworks when it gets dark :)

  • В России нет дня независимости, как такового, ввиду того что мы не были ни колонией, ни частью какой-либо страны. Россия - преемница СССР, это союзные государства с помпой празднуют дни отвала от свиноматки, продолжая впрочем причмокивать и посасывать нефть/газ. Мода на этот праздник пришла из США, где действительно есть что праздновать - обретение суверенитета от Англии.
  • This one's a few months late but okay. *smile* I usually post my reflections on the holiday on Livejournal, Facebook and a few mailing lists and then take a moment to think on it and what it means, on how far we've come since 1821 but also on how we keep managing to cause our own problems. This usually brings on much sadness. Then, I usually listen to patriotic music to cheer me up and make my heart strong again. This year, I found traditional songs from that time, so was really happy! I read about the War of Independence on Wikipedia, look up a few of it's heroes and usually end the night by reading the exurpt of the Memoirs of General Makriyannis that I found online, since I can't find the entire book.

  • In my country, we do not celebrate Independence Day.

    i actually had this look when I saw the question.

  • Независимости от ЧЕГО?
    немощи, болезни, смерти, нищеты, боли и страха?
    сигарет, алкоголя, беспорядочных связей, лжи, гнева и раздражения, обид и невежества?
    восклицаю - "Аллилуя!":)

  • A bunch of people gather together stuffing their faces with BBQ goods pretending to be patriotic while waving the countries flags and complaining about the parking for the fire works.
    Dogs are everywhere, a lot will die or become lost because the amplified BOOMS of the show will have them running for the hills, and unfortunately in front of the on coming traffic of the parents who are smart enough to book it out of the populated area before the end of the show.
    Merchants will line the streets and areas selling country flags that were made in China and over priced jewelry that people will wear only once a year. There will be vendors selling beers and wines to allow the country another opportunity to come up with a clever excuse to get drunk, then go blow shit up.
    A huge tradition is also to break the law. Shooting off illegal fire works happens to be a great tradition.
    All of this is happening of course to celebrate the countries "Independence" from tyranny, unfair taxation, non-representation, and centralization. All of which we no longer have, we just think we do.
    We have a monarchy, a ruling class, whether we want to believe it or not. The only difference is, they rule from behind the curtain. They pay off the government officials openly, it's called campaign funding. Or, the government officials serve on the board of those companies and makes money on the side while pushing the de-regulations and bail outs for the Wall Street Government. All of their bonuses, stocks, etc... aren't taxed and if they are... didn't Obama just say he was keeping the tax relief for the rich? A fact of which the top 1% of the population takes advantage of and pretty much is the only one reaping the rewards while the rest of us panic about our kids educations, our teachers salary, the police brutality ratings, and our own job security among a great many other things.
    We think we have representation as well. Sure we can petition to attempt to get something changed, but the corporate offices pay billions of dollars a year on lobbyists who currently out rank our congressmen more than 5-1. We can enter any court room, senate hearing and watch... but can we speak up for ourselves when they have paid consultants in the THOUSANDS to shut us down?
    They buy off the news casters so the majority of Americans sit home while listening to crap like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh thinking the world is full of "evil terrorists," "cynical socialists," "dangerous communists," and the like all of which want to rob them of their freedom, money, and property.
    All of this is ok though, we can be distracted by loud, overpriced, polluting light shows while we stuff our faces with another processed hot dog and talk about how great our country is as we celebrate it's independence from Britain on the incorrect historical date.
    Welcome to America, I can't wait 'til I get the HELL OUT!

    /rant /rant /rant

    I've been typing for a long time for my "book." And I realized that so far the structure of the story is half assed pieced together and jumpy. I was proud of the fact I was ACTUALLY typing lines, and if you read a scene at a time, I'll admit it is fairly good. It's just when you read it collectively that it turns into complete and utter crap. My transitioning needs a shit ton of work, so I'm grumpy.
    I've been staring at the screen for a while and realized that it is 3:00 AM and I should concentrate on sleep. Then I found this question and for some reason the idea of any American acting patriotic at this point in time... pissed me off.
    I don't remember who said it, but I like the quote (or a rendition of): "Of course I LOVE America. I LOVE the idea of America! I just don't like the reality."

    I also wish to point out that many of the Dresden Books by Jim Butcher have MAJOR typos. Every page I have to stare at a word for a second and tell myself that I'm not crazy. That the sentence, "I waved to hi, and waited for him to notice me," indeed doesn't make sense. That editor needs a good swift kick in the pants.

    Of course... I shouldn't judge, my grammar, spelling and sentence structure is kinda fucking terrible. I feel like I get worse and then I think it has something to do with with reading so much crap on Icanhascheezburger...

    Anyway... NIGHT!
  • Как вы отмечаете День Независимости в своей стране? Ответ:Еду в фестиваль"Пустые Холмы".

  • 14 agust
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