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Going for the throat

Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

Answers (569)

  • Depends, despite i hate twilight, can i be a vampire like them with all the powers included.

  • Most obviously a vampire. Especially since he was recently given the choice to become one and accepted. But yes, if he'd been asked this question when he was human, he would have given the same answer. Vampire hunters might be closer to his former job description--especially since his former job dealt with a lot of subjects along those lines--but he wouldn't have chosen it. Vampire hunters typically lead shorter lives and die brutally. Vampires also tend to die brutally but Kanda would rather live a long life in search of  his goal than a short one chasing beings to eradicate them.

  • Olisin mielummin vampyyri. Eilen tuli katsottua Hellsing japaniversio. Oli aika nolo, en pitänyt. Pidän enemmän klassisista vampyyreistä. Mielestäni vampyyrien tulee olla kauniita. Ei mitään rumia Twilight Edvard- vampyyreja. Mielummin naisvampyyri, joka hurmaa miehiä juoden heidän verensä. Tai sitten perinteisen Draculan tyylinen vampyyri. Vampyyreista on nykyaikana tullut hyvin suosittuja. Nykyaikaistetut teinivampyyrit.. Kuka loppujenlopuksi nykyään on edes lukenut aidon Draculan. Ei, sekin oli ensin kirja eikä elokuva. Niinpä. Nykyaika. Jokainen keksii vampyyreille omat ominaisuudet, jotkut kestävät päivänvaloa ja toiset nukkuvat edelleen arkuissa. Jotkut eivät enää juo vertakaan. Kasvissyöntilinja ei lihota vampyyriakaan. 

    Pidän Victoria Francesin vampyyreistä.

  • I would  be a vampire! Have you seen True Blood? Them vampires are amazing! They're so fast, & their libido can go for days! PLUS; have you seen how they just eat people, that's awesome. They cry blood but they don't have any blood in them. There's so much more, but they're  so awesome.

  • Always a vampire first. :D
    Does the fact that last night I dreamt I was being inducted into vampirism help support my choice? lol

  • a vampire for sure .. cuz they r awesome an immortal and lots of cool stuff ..
  • If we're talking Stephen King's version of vampire's I would want to be the hunter.
  • If we're talking Stephen King's version of vampire's I would want to be the hunter.

  • Vampire because vampires kick ass!!!!

  • I would rather be the vampire hunter if I was like Buffy: supernaturally strong and incredibly skilled. If the perks don't come with being the hunter, then of course the vampire!
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