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If you could go back and change one event in your life (or un-say one thing you wish you'd never said), what would you choose, and why?

Answers (520)

  • I would choose to listen to my intuition to listen and not go downstairs into my dad's set up and at least delay a lifetime of tiger parenting by both parents.
  • С высоты прожитых лет ВСЁ смотрится по иному. И ВСЁ ХОТЕЛОСЬ БЫ ПЕРЕСМОТРЕТЬ И ПЕРЕДЕЛАТЬ. НО! Жизнь, даже в реанкранции, НЕЛЬЗЯ ПРОЖИТЬ ПО НОВОМУ. Остаёться одно, прожить остаток жизни,учась на СВОИХ ошибках!
  • I would've not gone surfing in the rain the other day. Now i got a stinking cold and i feel as if my nose is going tu run off.

  • Хотеть не значит вернуться..

  • It would be the 1 year relationship i had with my boyfriend Jaleen Antonio Walker! June 18th of this year i found out somethings that to this day are hard to even imagine possible! He cheated on me with a 15 year old girl the day before i came to see him and the next day when i did come to see him he said i have plans so im sorry we can't hangout like really whatever dude so that weekend rolls around i decide to confront him about it but before i do i hide in the bushes by "his girlfriends house" and i hear everything i need to every piece of dirt that tells me i don't need him in my life anymore so that night i tell him what i heard and i want to slap him across the face but instead he picks me up and throws me across the room. to hear that ur boyfriend doesn't love u anymore is so hard to hear it's like what did i do to deserve this! but i got advice for everyone out there if ur friends tell you not to date a guy that u want to bc they feel that he's suspicious or theres something about him they don't like listen to them bc more then likely they are right don't date him bc more then likely u'll lose most of ur friends and family bc of him and it's not worth it bc u'll have to put everything back together urself and it's not fun it's only been a month since my issue but i feel like i can't trust no one and that everyones going to be like him where in turn ik i shouldn't think that bc with time things will get better i just need to wait for the time being!

  • I would have gone to viewmont high. There is a good chance I never would have started smoking, drinking, having sex at too early of an age, and wouldn't have gotten myself knocked up only to hate myself for all time.
  • I wouldn't change anything even things that still haunt me today. I'm happy with the person that I am, and I am this person because of the past.

  • i'd definitely choose the time when I was in love with someone and he said he liked me. I had plenty of chances to say it back but I always ignored it. maybe if i had said it back to him, he would be mine  by now. haha

  • I wouldn't have lied. I would've said yes.

    It sucks to live with regrets, wondering what could've been.
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