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I'm A Loyal Customer

What makes you loyal to a brand?

Answers (77)

  •  quality and ease of use.
  • It doing what it's supposed to do all the time. Like Sony <3 I had that stupid green CD player for ever. It threw hissy fits at me sometimes, but I always deserved them. Ahh Christian. I will love that thing forever. I still it.
  • Quality and price. They mesh very well, but higher price does not dictate higher quality. YOu have to search hard and long for some things, but when I find something that's affordable and is excellent quality, I'm pretty much with it for life.
  • Quality    
  •  The high quality and sense of fashion!
  • Quality and a solid belief in the company.  Not that it is a blind following, but one which will be held as a standard for me to compare other brands to.
  • Food - definitley taste. Don't care about calories or additives. I want to enjoy my food. Product - longevity. Cost is a somewhere 4th on picking what I want. But lasting is always first. Company/business etc - has to be service. if I walk into a place and someone runs up to me and ask me "How can I help you?". I'm out the door. I want to survey and browse first. If I want assistance, I'll ask. And you better have an answer. And a real pickler is, if I call, don't have "voice mail". Boohaa on that part of technology. It's a cop out for lazy people.
  • What makes me loyal to a brand is either quality or memories. Lets say that when you were growing up your mother bought a certain brand of soap, even though you may think that the smell is extra nasty and its really gloopy and funky. You continue to buy that after you leave the house because it reminds you of your mother.
  •  I use many of the brands I grew up with.
  • For me, it depends a bit on what type of item I'm buying. I'm not as worried about brands on things like clothing, food, etc. I am a bit partial to a certain brand of car ;-), when I can get hold of one. Brand loyalty for me is determined by quality, consistent quality especially. If I get hold of a bad product, I'm not likely to get that brand again.
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