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Tales from the rift

If you could travel back in time and ask any deceased political figure (famous or infamous) a single question, who would you choose, and what would you ask?

Answers (407)

  • Исуса спросил, пришол ли он по адресу?
  • I would ask Adolf Hitler if he honestly believe that Jews were to blame and the root of all evil? I want to know if he seriously thought that or he was on some random power trip and decided Jews to be his target. Maybe he just saw that Jews were the weakest link, so why not persecute them? Maybe he saw there were enough reasoning b.s. that he can come up with to make his arguments sound more intellectual so he used them? Adolf Hilter is a smart leader in a sense that he was able to persuade people to think a certain way, feel a certain way and kill for the sake of their belief. Hilter managed to instill in people's mind who are inferior and who are superior. He had great tactics and presentation skills to pull it all off. I would say he is one of the greatest people to persuade and influence others, it's just sad and unfortunate that he used his knowledge and skills on something so wrong. Then again, it goes back to, maybe he really believed Jews were bad. If that's the case, he had a mental illness of some sort and it's even more impressive that he was able to move his puppets, despite his disability to see straight.

  • I'd ask someone like George Washington,
    "How do you feel about illegal immigration?"

  • Well, I guess I'd go and talk to Adolf Hitler, asking him "Are you frickin' insane, you poor excuse for a human being? Didn't you mommy love you enough or why do you think erasing an entire race would make this world a better place?" And of course I'd bring him with me:
  • George Washington, and whether he feared the ascendancy of the Radical Religious Right in this country at the founding.

  • Вопрос,конечно интересный и первое,что приходит в голову: вопрос товарищу Ленину:"Зачем трогать диалектику и устраивать такой бардак в стране и уничтожить столько народу?"

  • Борис Николаевич,ну нахцензурая ты это сделал, раассиянен панимашь !?

  • я бы спросила что гитлер ел на завтрак и убила б эту тварь еще до того,как он мне ответит

  • Гитлеру: что он нашел в Шамбале и  на что надеялся?

  • I'd ask Churchill where he got the family dog.  Because I don't agree with politics so I might as well ask about something with relative insignificance, y'know.
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