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If you were given your own talk show, who would your first guest be, and why?

Answers (393)

  • Скорее всего я бы пригласил самых знаменитых телеведущих,пусть почуствуют себя в роли гостей,а не как на работе))Пригласил бы таких как Андрей Малахов,Тина Канделаки,Маша Малиновская,ну и в конце концов Ксению Собчак))))

  • Considering most talk shows have at least two guests per show I'm going to say the first two people I'd have on it.
    Dianna Agron would be the first. Why? Mainly so that I could meet her and hug her. But also because she's one of my biggest role models; I want to be like her. I want to make people happy like she does, to entertain them, to inspire them. I want to be someone's role model. I'd  also love to interview her and see her cuteness first hand.
    The next one would be Lady Gaga. Also because I'd want to meet her and would love to interview her. She's also a big role model of mine. I just want to hear her sing live and be able to interview and talk with her.
  • Matt Smith. Because this country needs to get to know him more. ;3 Either that, or myself. Because that'd be a silly way to start a talkshow. And silly sells.
  • Michael Ray Wilbon. He's probably the most established journalist born in Chicago that you can get deep in sports conversations with.

  • My first guest would be Obama.  I want to know why in the hell he is doing such a lousy job.  I think that my first question would be why he thinks amnesty for illegals is a good idea...I may also ask him to hold still so people could walk by and give him a nice kick in the sack.

  • I need to know more, what kind of talk show, what subjects, what focus?  Maybe my first guests should be talk show hosts, so that I can interview them about setting up a talk show...
    Merv might be my best guest at that point.

  • Tim Burton.
    Because he is a creative genius and his movies are beautiful masterpieces.
    I am a big fan of him and his crew.

  • Hmmmm.... Tite Kubo. I think. An NEIN... It's not because I'm obsessed with Bleach (which I am NOT... Okay maybe a little) it's just that I would like to know where he came up with the idea of everything in Bleach... The whole 'inner strength' and 'inner hollow' thing... It's actually such a theraputic anime/manga, because it deals with all the things that make you feel good about yourself...

    E.g. No matter how hard Ichigo gets struck, he keeps getting up because his willpower is amazing...

    So yeah... I'd say Tite Kubo. :)

  • Филолог Филькин. Потому что

  • Doctors. Because doctor is one of the greatest career in the world. They use Poetable x-ray equipment  and other medical equipment solve every kind of problem.
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