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If you were given the opportunity to spend two weeks in any country in the world free of charge, which country would you choose, and why?

Answers (574)

  • В Прагу. Очень дружелюбный город, в который приятно возвращаться.
  • В Исландию. Нет на свете мест более красивых, более чистых и более умиротворяющих.
  • ИсЛандия ГренЛандия ИрЛандия
  • Латинская Америка. За солнцем, остротой и легкостью  :)
  • в озерную Италию.  В ее северную часть, где не много туристов, где на горы опускается Великое Спокойствие

  • Japan, Tokyo, I always wanted to go and if it was free then that would be even great. And the second place would be Seoul, South Korea, I am a K-pop fan anyway XD I hope I would see someone great.

  • Italy. To visit Sicily & Rome and take pictures.

  • I have been all around the world, but there's always a couple countries that pop out. Being bias, I have to say England or Canada since I have lived in both.

    But one of my fav countries is Egypt. I mean recently, it's a bit crazy and the crime rate is high, but as long as I'm with my guy that I know I'm safe :) Plus I love the beauty of the desert and the pyramids, of the new world blending with the old. The whole Egyptian culture and fashion inspires and excites me. I love it so much.

  • Either Norway or Iceland. Both are so beautiful that I can't decide! (C-can I choose both? ^///^;;;)
  • Monaco, because there I could spend an unparalleled amount of someone else's money. Sure it's a principality, but close enough.
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