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If you had a special power, would you hide it or share it with the world, and why?

Answers (667)

  • I would share it with the world because i might be able to help someone with it
  • it probably depends on what kind of special power and the effects it would do to me and to the people around me..

  • I don;t know, I think it would depend on the circumstances. If it was a power that could help people then I would probably share it with the world but at the same time it could end up the way it is in comic books, movies, tv shows, etc. how people are frightened of you  and they lash out at you or the people you care about.
  • Imagine if I could go anywhere, either by some power such as flight or super speed, or through teleportation. I often imagine myself with the power of teleportation. I would hide my power. Not for the huge tactical advantage that the power would give me, but rather to keep the people of the world from wanting to take me to some lab somewhere and dissecting me to find out what makes that power tick, and whether they could give that power to their soldiers and police forces to use against the civilians of their countries - most especially this country. Alfred Bester, in "The Stars, My Destination" accurately described the consequences of one superpower, teleportation or Jaunting, becoming commonplace. Imagine if I could teleport, and even to teach other people how to do the same. what would the transport and oil cartels of the world do to stop me from trying to teach the world to teleport? What armies of assassins would they send after me and mine, to stop me teaching the people of the world how to come and go as they please, to visit any country they want without having to worry about customs (Ooh, smuggling contraband from the factory direct to the distributor), to do without air fares, rail fares, cars, oil, petrol, car taxes, MOT, insurance? What armies could I end up raising, that could just Jaunt into Tripoli, Myanmar, Beijing, Tokyo, the West Wing of the White House, Number 10 Downing Street or the Kremlin, make mincemeat of whomsoever we see when we arrive, and then Jaunt back out again before the security knows we were ever there? What locked bedroom doors could keep out the young lovers of the world? Indeed, horrifyingly, what locked doors (or distance) could keep a stalked woman or child from his or her abuser if that abuser could Jaunt? So yes ... I'd keep it a secret. Though clearly people would still end up getting the crap scared out of them by my seeming ubiquity. Teleportation. The ultimate stalker's trick.
  • Если бы у вас были необычные способности, вы бы их скрывали или помогали бы всему миру? Ответ:Я уже успела показать свою необычное способности,и помогала по всему миру,помогаю тысячи людям,но скрываю одну обычную способности свою,что я слабая.

  • It would depend on the power. If it was super-beneficial without any obvious 'drawbacks', sure. If it was like mind-control, or phasing, or teleporting without error without seeing/knowing the landing zone (like a bank vault or such) or the ability to turn humans into liquid messes within 1.2 seconds of starting, then I'd probably want to keep it relatively secret lest folk get .... antsy about it.
  • I would probably hide it, as I may not handle the publicity of it well. Plus, it will add a heavy responsibility that (based on the power) many will become too dependable on.
  • Есть три основных варианта ответа на этот вопрос: 1. Помогать из сострадания. 2. Помогать из желания обратить на себя внимания. 3. Не помогать вовсе, т.к. эта фантастика уже всем приелась, а использовать свои способности в иных целях. Например, прочищать мозги идиотам, чтобы те прозрели, тогда и помощь не понадобится.

  • "Не делай всего, что умеешь, не трать всего, что имеешь, не верь всему, что слышишь, и не рассказывай всего, что знаешь." (с)
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