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The name game

Have you and/or your friends ever picked nicknames for people without their knowledge? What was the funniest, and why did you choose it?

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  • wrbedzinski:very good is procesing education!
  • я придумал имя своей кошке: Пупука :)
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  • Of course! Over the years there have been too many to count. The most memorable include Strawberry Boy (he was a very pale redhead and had sort of pink skin), Porcupine Boy (he had an unfortunate hair gel habit), Under the TV Boy, Effeminate Cute Boy (ECB for short), Drug Boy, Uber-Cute Boy, etc. The names go chronologically from elementary school through the end of high school.
  • Когда-нибудь вы или ваши друзья выбирали никнеймы для людей без их ведома? Какой был самый смешной и почему вы его выбрали? Ответ:Я профессор придумать никнеймы.На рынке торговала долгие годы.Со мной стояла женщина,рядом и торговала бюзгальтера.Я ей дала ник"Сиска",я ушла с рынка,а ник у нее так и осталась.У одной женщины глаза были большие,я ей дала ник"Фонарик".Женщина знакомая причесывала и делала бантик в макушке,имела ник "Зонтик". Была странная бабушка,утром рано приходила на рынок и зажигала огонь,чтобы была торговля,получила ник"Рыжая ведьма".Был торговец по имени Боря и все время спрашивал у людей долг,получила ник"Гараж".Была женщина объемная и конечно ник "Жирбаза"была.Все эти ники придумала я(Редиська!)

  • да, регистрировала подругу по ее желанию, но не думала, что ник будет всем виден... написала "недоимка" она работала в этом отделе..

  • The funniest is the one my friends and I just created a little while ago for a guy I've had a long time crush on: Turtle because he likes turtles, cartoon and real life. It's much easier to say Turtle than to say his actual name since saying his name elicits strong emotions. I totally understand the theory of nicknames now. If I ever told him, he would understand and I don't think he would be offended. The worst nicknames are the ones made to make fun of someone. That's just hurtful and cruel. Sadly humans tend to be hurtful and cruel.

  • yes. we used to pick out anime names for people who suited that character, mine was Cagalli from gundam seed, because i was like our leader who got offended easily. anyway the funniest would be miruko, his name was david, and he used to be a pervet who would want to get a hug just to feel you up, so we gave him the name miruko from inuyasha! and called him forever and still do and he still doesn't get the full picture

  • Back in grade school and until college, we picked nicknames or should I say "code names" for our crushes. The funniest would be "Agent X44" or "Agent". He's my high school crush. We named him after the lead character of the hit Filipino comedy film Agent X44 because he used to spy on us. He would follow us after class due to his adviser's orders to check on the relationship between one of my friends and his classmate. But his mission was always a failure.He didn't know that we know what he's up to. Instead of going to the place where we wanted to hang-out we would stay in school doing nothing.
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